Mum's four-minute microwave cleaning hack goes viral

A mum has shared her simple microwave cleaning hack online and all it takes is four minutes.

The Australian mum-of-two, who goes by the name @mama_mila_ on TikTok has filled her social media account with life hacks and people can’t get enough of them.

how to clean your microwave
A mum has shared a quick way to get the dirt and grime off your microwave. Photo: TikTok/ @mama_mila_

In one video, she shows her 3,106 followers exactly how to get all the dirt and grime out of your microwave in just minutes, using a simple solution.

All she does is mix one cup of water with one teaspoon of washing detergent.

Then she puts it into the microwave and puts it on for four minutes before wiping the inside and door with a clean cloth.

“Gently wipe the microwave and watch the grime slide off,” she wrote on the video.

She went on to say that the stream from the solution softens all the baked foods and dirt inside the microwave and makes it easier to clean.

The video has been watched over 18,000 times online, with people thanking the mum for teaching them life lessons on the social media app.

Her announcer is full of handy tips and tricks, with another video showing how to make your bed sheets feel like ones from a 5-star hotel and another on how to clean oven trays without scrubbing theml.

The oven tray video has had over half a million Tik Tok views from people obviously desperate to cut their kitchen cleaning time in half.

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