$19 Kmart buy hack solves common bathroom dilemma

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A mum has wowed the internet with a Kmart hack that is being called ‘genius’ for its clever storage solution.

Aussie mum Krystal found herself facing a very common dilemma when it came to bath time for her two children, aged one and four.

Image of Kmart where mum Krystal bought $19 pet bath for bathroom hack
A mum has turned a $19 buy from Kmart into a 'genius' bathroom solution. Photo: Getty Images

With only a shower in her bathroom, the mum was forced to get creative when it came to bath time.

She tells Yahoo Lifestyle she used to bathe them separately in two baby baths, but it left them cramped, and unable to play.

After trying a few different options she was struck with an idea that’s since been dubbed ‘genius’, which uses the much raved about Pet Bath from Kmart as a temporary bath.

Image fo Kmart $19 Pet Bath used in shower for kids to bath
A mum's clever solution to this common bathroom dilemma has won the internet. Photo: Supplied

Placing the collapsible item in the base of her shower, the mum found herself with a fold-up bath perfectly sized for her two little ones.

Now she calls the purchase ‘the best $19 I’ve spent this year.’

Image of packaging of $19 Kmart pet bath
Krystal said the Kmart buy was the 'best $19' she's spent this year. Photo: Supplied

Setting up the pet bath in her shower, she gave her babies plenty of room to splash and play, and herself minimal cleanup, and no need for an expensive bathroom renovation.

“The best part is I can fold it up to next to nothing and place it outside to dry,” she says. “Within 10 minutes it is dry and I fold it up next to the shower.”

Image of Kmart pet bed in shower folded up
Krystal says the product is unbeatable for its convenient pack down and cleaning. Photo: Supplied

Snaps of the clever hack in action stopped traffic online, where more than 3ooo. members of a Hack Facebook page gave the idea a like, and hundreds more commented their praise.

“Omg so clever,” one lady wrote.

“Soo good!!” another wrote.

“Fantastic,” another dubbed the tub. “Who would have thought?”


Plenty tagged friends who were looking for a solution to the same bath-less bathroom problem, and some even went away inspired to try the bath out in different settings.

“Omg this is excellent to take to the beach for my one-year-old,” one inspired woman wrote.

It’s not the first time a simple, but clever hack has turned heads online.

Last week a clever method for reinvigorating even the most shabby of shoes made a splash when before and after snaps were shared to Facebook.

The clever trick used Gumption, an everyday product that you probably have hiding under your sink or that can be picked up for $5 from Woolies, and water to soak and scrub a pair of unrecognisable Adidas to bright, sparkling redemption.

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