'Insane' hack uses $5 Woolies product to save grimy $200 shoes

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If you’ve found yourself trudging your favourite shoes through the mud thanks to the crummy weather of late, a mum’s genius cleaning trick could be the answer to your prayers.

Shoes can be a real pain to keep clean. You can’t always just whack them in the machine like a dirty T-shirt, nor are the stains always easy to simply wipe down and after a particularly muddy stroll you might be tempted to throw the towel in and simply toss them in the bin.

Muddy trainers $200 shoes before transformation cleaning hack
Shoes like these ones an Aussie mum discovered are a familiar, and frightening sight, for many. Photo: Supplied/ Emily Henrie

Before you do that, it is worth investing in a very quick and simple trick that Aussie mum Emily Henrie says transformed a pair of grimy Adidas sneakers that looked almost beyond salvation.


The clever trick uses Gumption, an everyday product that you probably have hiding under your sink or that can be picked up for $5 from Woolies, and water to soak and scrub even the dirtiest shoes to bright, sparkling redemption.

Photo: Supplied/ Emily Henrie
Photo: Supplied/ Emily Henrie

Shared to a Facebook group by the enterprising Emily, the before and after snaps of her cleaning effort left onlookers gobsmacked.

“My partner’s shoes I got him LAST Christmas,” she captioned the photos. “There was no way I was throwing away $200 shoes.”

Photo: Supplied/ Emily Henrie
Photo: Supplied/ Emily Henrie

In the first photos, the Adidas are almost unrecognisable, coated in mud and so dirty they appear to be brown and black, instead of their original white and black.

In the nest, they look as fresh as if they’d just come out of the box on Christmas morning.

How she did it

Photo: Woolworths
Photo: Woolworths

Emily tells Yahoo Lifestyle all she used was Gumption and some hot water to restore the shoes to pristine condition.

“It didn’t take me long at all,” she says. “I sat them in warm soapy water using dishwashing liquid for about 10 minutes with shoelaces removed.”

“I then used a scrubbing brush and Gumption to scrub them then let them soak again for about 15 minutes. Then I just soaked the shoelaces and strained all the water out of them and let them dry.”

Needless to say, hundreds like the photos and dozens more left admiring comments.

“Are you regifting them back to him this year?” one wondered. “Perfect job.”

“Damn girl I’ll send you all my dirty shoes to clean,” another wrote. “Job well done.”

“They look brand new!!” was plenty of people’s reactions. “Good job!”

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