'Gold!': $25 Kmart buy's hidden function revealed by clever mum

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Any parent who has done battle with the never-ending sharing of snacks that comes along with having pint-sized people in your home will be thrilled today, after a mum shared a very clever hack to keep your secret stash a real secret.

Whether your poison is a choccie or two, a packet of snakes or, like Aussie mum Linda, about 20 packets of Allen’s finest confectionery you can now rest easy that your little ones won’t get their hands on them, at least not right away.

Kmart sign in Australia represents retailers hacks used by mum to hide snacks from kids
A Kmart buy has turned into a snack saver for one Aussie mum. Photo: Getty Images

Linda’s brilliant trick uses the popular Over the Door Basket Organiser from Kmart, normally used in kitchens or bathrooms, to hide your sweet stash from little hands.

The $25 buy from the budget retailer is placed over your bedroom door, the stash visible only to someone inside with the door closed, meaning kids throwing the door open willy nilly still won’t be able to see what’s hanging just behind the door.

Image of Kmart Over the Door Basket Organiser used to house Allen's lollies
Clever mum Linda whacked the organiser on her bedroom door to create a secret stash. Photo: Supplied

The idea was shared to a Kmart fan page on Facebook by the Aussie mum, who left other parents gobsmacked at the ‘genius’ move

“Kmart over the door storage,” she captioned a couple of photos of the hack in action. “Kids open my bedroom door and can't see my stash. Winning!”


Parents wowed by ‘golden’ idea

Image of Over the Door Basket Organiser full sized from Kmart with lollies hiding from children in master bedroom
Linda revealed that when her kids come barging in, they can't see the stash hiding on the back of the door. Photo: Supplied

Plenty of parents were seriously wowed by the deceptively simple idea, with thousands commenting, and liking the post in a matter of days.

“Hahaha this is genius,” one person wrote.

“Turns out I've been using mine wrong this whole time!!!” a converted customer shared.

Many vowed they would soon follow in Linda’s footsteps and set up their own stash, with enthusiasm at an all-time high.

“I NEED 4!!!!!” one thrilled onlooker wrote.

“Now this is gold,” one woman dubbed the idea.

Some argue stash ‘waiting to be stolen’

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Some parents remained sceptical, however, arguing that their sugar-hungry kids would see through the ruse in moments.

“That’s waiting to be stolen,” one jaded realist wrote in the comments. “Won’t take em long.”

“My kids don’t need to see my stash they sniff them bloody out,” another agreed.

“My kids could hear a bag opening from 100 yards away!” another dramatically declared. “It could awaken them from a deep slumber... No, this would never work for me...”

It’s not the first time a mum has gone into deep deception mode just for the chance to nibble a sweet in peace.

One mum in the UK discovered the ultimate way to pull the wool over her two kid’s eyes when she popped her chocolate goodies into a packet of grapes, snacking away on them to her heart’s content without her children being the wiser.

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