'Like porn': Grubby couch transformed using 'magic' product

Penny Burfitt
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Cleaning lovers have been given something to go gaga over this week, after a mum shared a truly jaw-dropping couch transformation online.

The $250 Bissell SpotClean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner has enjoyed something of a renaissance this year after it’s transformative effects on everything from carpets to couches began to be shared online.

$250 Bissel SpotClean professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner couch transformation
The $250 product has become a cleaning celebrity of late. Photo: Supplied

The latest example of the kind of facelift the product is giving tired old pieces may well and truly take the cake for unrecognisable results, with a stained, and dirty couch left looking like something straight out of the showroom.

An Aussie mum took to Facebook to share snaps showing how the cleaner had changed the look of her old family couch.

Image of grey couch
A before and after couch extravaganza has erupted online. Photo: Supplied

“Another Bissell couch cleaning miracle!” she captioned the set of photos which show the furniture transform with the help of the at-home cleaner.

In the initial snaps, the grey L-shaped number is seen with a number of marks, stains and a general grubby exterior.

As the couch is slowly cleaned, it emerges a completely different colour.

Dirty grey couch transformed with Bissel SpotClean product
The couch got an upholstery facelift. Photo: Supplied

Faded and yellow-ish grey is replaced with a striking slate, much deeper (and cleaner) than the original look of the couch.


Online fans praise ‘magic’ transformation

Image of couch cushion one half deep grey and clean, the other light and dirty Bissel before and after
The photos were heralded as 'cleaning porn'. Photo: Supplied

The amazing transformation drew plenty of praise from onlookers who couldn’t believe how much the quick clean had changed the couch.

“This is like porn,” one confessed.

“What is this magic called?” another wondered, though they were informed that nothing more magical than the cult buy was behind the mystical change.

“Such a big difference!” was another shocked onlooker’s response.

Some were even inspired to embark on their own cleaning adventure after being inspired by the post.

“That makes me so happy,” one wrote. “About to do mine tomorrow.”

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