'Too funny': Kmart price tag fail leaves shoppers in stitches

Kristine Tarbert
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A box of chocolates can be a popular gift option for family and friends if you're out of ideas, and yet these Favourites sold at Kmart have seemingly seen a surprising jump in price.

A Kmart shopper took to a popular Facebook group to share a price tag she spotted in her local store - an amount that might burn a little too much of a hole in your wallet.

"Gotta love Kmart," she wrote, alongside a photo of Favourites beneath a price tag of $1000.

kmart favourites price tag error
That's some expensive chocolate! Photo: Facebook

The photo quickly went viral in the group sparking a host of hilarious comments about the 'not so much a bargain'.

Some people thought the blunder was "too funny", while others quipped that was one way to stop them from buying more chocolate.

"That's how much it needs to cost so I stop eating the s***," one person said.

"That would help with my diet cheers Kmart," another joked.

While a third echoed the sentiment, saying: "That’s one way to encourage a diet?"


A few were clued in to the fact the choccies are normally worth $10 (according to Kmart's website).

"Expensive chocolate from $10 to $1000," was one comment.

While another joked: "I'll take it if they remove the Turkish delight."

Australian national brand K-mart on Rundle Mall, Adelaide
Kmart Shoppers normally love a good bargain. Photo: Getty

While it appears to be an obvious error on the sign, (we've contacted Kmart for comment) a few wondered if it could be legit, asking, "How big is the box?"

"Maybe it is for the whole pallet - they know we Kmart shoppers like to buy multiples in case they sell out," another wrote.

Earlier this year an embarrassing error in the packaging on a Kmart product was roasted by shoppers after a customer shared a snap of the blooper online.

Instead of the standard warning text on the back of the retailer’s koala-shaped silicone travel bottle, the label contained a jumble of unintelligible words.

Specifically, it was Lorem Ipsum - the dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

“Thanks for the warning Kmart. It was very helpful,” the customer who purchased the $4 product deadpanned in their post on Reddit at the time.

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