Kmart shopper spots hilarious fail on pet toy: 'Not quite right'

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A Kmart shopper has spotted a hilarious fail on a pet toy she picked up at the popular store.

Taking to a Kmart group on Facebook, the shopper shared a photo of the Plush Long Monkey pet toy, along with the caption: “Hmm .... somethings not quite right here."

kmart monkey pet toy fail
Can you tell what's wrong? Photo: Facebook

“When you have an extra ear instead of an arm," she added, pointing out the fact the monkey indeed had three ears and only two arms.

Perhaps preempting that for some dogs the arm wouldn't last long anyway.


The photo quickly went viral with hundreds of people commenting on the hilarious fail.

“I kinda love it even more!” one person said.

"He stole Nemo’s lucky fin," was an apt comparison.

While another added: “This is a clear ‘you had one job’ situation!”

Photo: Giphy
Photo: Giphy

If the risk of getting a monkey sans arm is too great for you but you love the idea for your furry friend, you're in luck, because Petbarn has a very similar plush monkey pet toy and he's even wearing a hat!

It's not the first time the popular department store has been called out for a fail online.

Last month, an embarrassing error in the packaging on a Kmart product was roasted by shoppers after a customer shared a snap of the blooper online.

kmart store australia
There have been a few Kmart fails go viral online. Photo: Kmart

instead of the standard warning text on the back of the retailer’s koala-shaped silicone travel bottle, the label contained a jumble of unintelligible words.

Specifically, it was Lorem Ipsum - the dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

“Thanks for the warning Kmart. It was very helpful,” the customer who purchased the $4 product deadpanned in their post on Reddit.

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