Kmart fan wows with 'brilliant' home decor hack

This idea is as simple as they come, but the results speak for themselves.

An Aussie shopper has revealed the clever way she repurposes lids from Kmart's popular canisters, wowing fellow fans of the budget retailer with her simple yet "brilliant" hack.

Referring to Kmart's extensive range of glass and ceramic kitchen canisters, the woman said she wanted to put them to good use after accumulating quite a few over the years.

Taking to Facebook, she showed how she'd stacked the lids to create luxe-looking stands for candles, pot plants and other knick knacks, earning comparisons to homewares sold at stores like Temple & Webster.

Kmart canister lids repurposed as decor stands
Who knew old kitchen canister lids could look so good? Photo: Facebook

"Quite good for candles and small decor. They could be painted, glued and configured however you like or leave them as is," the DIY enthusiast wrote alongside pictures of her designs.


Her idea was an instant hit, with a number of Kmart fans saying it was the most "brilliant hack" they'd seen in a while. "They look sensational. How clever," one person commented.

Kmart canister lids repurposed as decor stands
The DIY enthusiast showed how Kmart canister lids can be repurposed to make candle stands. Photo: Facebook

"What an awesome idea. I have a few of these too," another Kmart fan added, while someone else said, "this actually looks super cute" and dozens of others said they're keen to give the hack a try.

Naturally, other home decorating fanatics wondered how the stands were fastened. The shopper explained the lids could easily be glued together, but she hadn't because she "likes to change things around too much".

Kmart canister lids repurposed as decor stands
The Kmart lids can be used to give home decor a nice lift. Photo: Facebook

With such a large collection of canister lids, some Facebook users questioned how the woman had accumulated so many and what she'd done with the ones the lids belonged to.

"I use some to store things that don't need a lid. Others I put away for future projects or change in colour scheme," the craft fan offered.

Another Kmart customer revealed how she repurposed her leftover lids too. "I painted mine in chalk paint and use them as coasters," she shared.

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