Kmart customer reveals glaring issue with popular $18 clothing item: 'Messed up'

One shopper pointed out an obvious mistake with others confirming they noticed the mishap too.

Woman wearing skirt
The $18 Kmart Corduroy Mini Skirt has sparked a sizing debate on social media, with several people saying there's something very wrong with the item. Photo: Kmart/Facebook

A Kmart shopper has shocked fans of the budget retailer after revealing a huge sizing discrepancy with a popular winter woman’s skirt. The woman shared a photo of three $18 Corduroy Mini Skirts each in a different colour, asking others to guess which size was which.

Posting to a prominent Kmart Facebook fan page, the woman lined up the three skirts to demonstrate the size difference. The post explains that the green skirt was from last season, while the pink and tan are part of this winter’s collection.

"Anyone want to guess the sizing of these three Kmart corduroy skirts? The other edge is lined up to show the size difference," she wrote.

After allowing others to guess, she revealed that two of the skirts were, in fact, the same size despite the glaringly obvious size difference.

"The green skirt was a size 16 and is too big for me. The pink is a size 14, which fits but not as I'd like it to. The tan is a 16 and fits great. I'm all for wearing the size that is comfortable, so even though I'm a 12 in most stores, I just expected a 14 to be a tiny bit smaller than the 16 I already owned," she wrote.

"The two bigger skirts are the same size, same design, but vastly different fits."


She went on to say that she'd experienced a similar sizing mishap before with another Kmart item, too. While the style and size were exactly the same, the different coloured items seemingly fit differently.

“I've tried the same style of jeans in blue and black in the same size, and they don't fit the same, it's wild,” she wrote.

She wasn't the only one to notice a serious sizing discrepancy in the Kmart skirt, with one woman calling it a “size lottery” to get it right.

“The same happened with me! I got a brown one and a black one. I always wear black but had to return the brown one!” Another woman wrote of the same skirt.

woman wearing Corduroy Mini Skirt
Shoppers have discovered there's a big sizing difference between different colours of the Kmart Corduroy Mini Skirt. Photo: Kmart

“I got two the other day, pink and black, and had to get them in a 16 as the other sizes don’t fit, and I’m a 12,” wrote another.

Despite the same thing happening to several shoppers, some argued that a comparison couldn’t be made across sizing from two different seasons.

“As the green one was from last season, it has probably stretched,” one person reasoned.

“Sizing can definitely be messed up, but clothes also shrink and stretch after washing and wear, so it could also be that,” another agreed.

However, the post was soon filled with dozens of comments from others sharing similar sizing experiences with several other pieces of Kmart clothing.

A Kmart representative told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia that the store's womenswear team work for a "consistent sizing guide" across all products.

After being made aware of the social media post, the representative said that Kmart would investigate what had occurred in this instance.

Several women said they, too, had purchased the same size in the same style of clothing only to find that one didn’t fit while the other did.

“I tried on half a dozen pairs of the exact same jeans and only two fit,” one person wrote.

Kmart skirt on floor
One shopper noticed that these two different sized skirts were in fact "both EXACTLY the same size". The only difference was that the size 14 was actually longer. Photo: Facebook

“I recently bought these jeans from Kmart, both size 8, both exactly the same style and bought on the same day. The only difference is the colour. I wondered why the lighter pair wouldn't fit when I got them home,” another wrote alongside a picture of the jeans that looked to be different sizes.

“I bought a five-pack of undies from Kmart, and two pairs fit me perfectly. The other three were a smaller size. All labels were size 14,” shared a third.

Trying to make sense of the odd sizing, one person explained that the process of cutting clothing can sometimes lead to a variation in clothing proportions.


“When one size of pattern is cut, they are cut in a big pile, not individually,” she explained.

“The top few are close to size, but as they get to the bottom of the fabric pile, size either goes in or out depending on the type of fabric cut, i.e., stretch. This leads to a variation in sizes of one size.

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