Kmart's 'stunning' coatigan range for under $35 a huge hit

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Shoppers are raving about Kmart’s collection of bargain coatigans - hybrid of a coat and cardigan - dubbing them a winter must-have.

Social media has been flooded by posts from influencers and Kmart fans sharing their favourite looks, with one oatmeal-coloured coatigan coming in at just $22.

Stylist Tina shared a photo of her newest Kmart buy. Photo: Instagram

“Went to Kmart for homewares, snapped up this coooozy coatigan instead,” stylist Tina wrote sharing some snaps of her new purchase.

The general reaction from her fans about the acrylic and polyester design, which comes with an over-sized collar and large front pockets, ranged from “stunning”, to “must-have”

“Super gorg! The coat looks so warm,” one person wrote.

“How cute is this outfit,” another agreed.

While a third said: “Loving this look.”

If you’re happy to spend a little more there is also a checked-pattern version of the coatigan that is available online and in store for $35.

One mum called it a “statement piece” sharing an image of the purchase on Instagram.

This mum shows off the checked coatigan. Photo: Instagram

Also for $35 is a button coatigan also featuring two pockets, that comes in navy or brown.

“Fabulous,” one person commented on this shopper’s photo of the brown/camel version.

Of course if you’re after something more substantial, Kmart also has you covered with their affordable range of actual winter coats.

You can nab one for just $45.

Kmart issues apology to customers over empty shelves

Earlier this month Kmart apologised to fans after frustrated shoppers began sharing photos of empty shelves on social media, after the retailer revealed they wouldn't be able to restock until July.

Much of the stock is made in China and therefore has been unable to ship to Australia due to the coronavirus pandemic.

John Gualtieri, the Retail Director of Kmart Australia and New Zealand, has issued an apology via email saying the retailer is "so sorry to disappoint" customers who are unable to find what they're looking for.

He wrote, "You may have noticed (or heard) about some of the stock impacts we're experiencing here at Kmart; and I wanted to take the opportunity to address this topic head-on; answering some of the frequently asked questions I'm hearing, whilst giving our Kmart communities as much transparency as possible about stock availability, both instore and online.

“The good news is that these products have started to arrive back in store and online; and we'll be receiving weekly deliveries over the next few months. We expect stock levels to normalise by the end of July 2020.”

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