Kmart shelves remain bare as Chinese-made stock runs dry

Frustrated shoppers have continued to share photos of empty Kmart shelves on social media, after the popular retailer admitted it wouldn’t be able to restock until July.

Customers have posted photos showing rows and rows of empty shelves in their local Kmart, as Chinese-made stock runs dry amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Kmart store stocks low
Kmart promised stock would be refilled by the end of July. Photo: Getty

One person wrote they were shocked after their recent visit to the store because of the lack of items on shelves, “Went to a store yesterday for a browse after a two month iso. Was gobsmacked at all the empty homewares shelves. Highlights how much stock comes from [overseas].”

Meanwhile one shopper shared this photo of empty shelves in the bath and bed section to a Kmart group on Facebook.

“Someone posted this in a local group today and people were saying that other Kmart stores nearby were the same,” the person captioned the images, adding that online many items were also still out of stock.

“It seems strange to me that at least a couple of stores are this bare and empty.”

kmart products empty
Not many towels left in the Kmart bath section. Photo: Facebook

The post quickly prompted a host of comments from other disgruntled shoppers sharing their own images and revealing stores around the country are still bare.

“90 per cent of the stuff would be from China and with no freight leaving there they will remain empty for a while I would say,” was one person’s comment.

“I noticed this with Kmart Nowra yesterday ! Anyone else agree,” another person asked.

“I went yesterday no dog beds, no extension cords or double adapters, no LEGO, barely any toys, it’s the emptiest I’ve ever seen it,” a third shopper revealed.

Meanwhile. this woman also shared some videos to Facebook, “Kmart last night shocking to see so many shelves empty,” she captioned the short clips.

“More empty shelves than full ones at Kmart today couldn’t even buy sheets,” another woman posted online, sharing these images. “This is what happens when most of our products come from China.”

empty kmart shelves
'More empty shelves than full ones' one shopper wrote. Photo: Facebook

Kmart announced this week that they will fill empty shelves by late July with a post on Facebook reading, “We’re experiencing unusually high demand for some of our product categories both instore and online.

“We expect stock availability to improve soon and to normalise by late July. We appreciate your patience as our teams work hard to deliver the products you need, at the time you need them most.”

One person even revealed some insider information, adding the month of July will feel a lot like Christmas.

“My partner is a floor leader at the distribution centre – he said July is going to be like Christmas they are putting massive shelving to store all the excess products coming in,” they wrote.

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