'Like Christmas!': Kmart promises to fill empty shelves by July

It's no secret that Kmart has a huge number of fans, but those fans coupled with the coronavirus pandemic recently has meant that shelves have been left bare as the retailer has been unable to keep up with the surge in demand of products.

Kmart's fitness equipment was one of the first things to go when the pandemic struck with many disgruntled shoppers taking to social media to share their dismay over the near-empty shelves.

Kmart has promised to restock their shelves by late July. Photo: Getty
Kmart has promised to restock their shelves by late July. Photo: Getty

However, Kmart announced this week that they will fill empty shelves by late July with a post on Facebook reading, "We’re experiencing unusually high demand for some of our product categories both instore and online.

"We expect stock availability to improve soon and to normalise by late July. We appreciate your patience as our teams work hard to deliver the products you need, at the time you need them most."

Unsurprisingly, this was music to Kmart fans' ears, with one Facebook user writing, "Can’t wait to shop at Kmart again when the shelves aren’t empty! Especially home deco."

"Yay not too much longer to wait," wrote another.

One person wrote that they were shocked after their recent visit to the store because of the lack of items on shelves, "Went to a store yesterday for a browse after a 2 month iso. Was gobsmacked at all the empty homewares shelves. Highlights how much stock comes from [overseas]."

One user even revealed some insider information, "My partner is a floor leader at the distribution centre – he said July is going to be like Christmas they are putting massive shelving to store all the excess products coming in."

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