King Frederik's surprising admission in new book: 'Not always right'

The newly crowned King has shared a surprising fact about his marriage.

King Frederik of Denmark has shared a surprising admission about life with his wife, Queen Mary, following rumours he cheated on her with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova.

The 55-year-old spoke about his marriage in interviews for the new book The King's Word, co-authored by Jens Andersen, revealing that his Australian-born wife taught him that he is "not always right" or "automatically believed" simply because of his gender.

King Frederik and Queen Mary
King Frederik has shared a surprising admission about life with his wife Queen Mary following his alleged affair. Photo: Getty

In the book, Frederik says Mary called him out on his patriarchal views that he'd learned from his father.

He described Mary as his "partner and wing woman", saying, "I have learned a lot from having a wife who from time to time reminds me that I am of course not always right and that my words are not reliable per se, just because I'm the man of the house."

"Although I can sometimes catch myself thinking, 'Oh, do we really need five more minutes of discussion?', I accept that Mary would like to turn over a few more stones and then we'll take five or ten minutes more."


It comes after he shared another surprising admission about his marriage, saying, "I love marriage, my wife, our children and the whole happy base that arises for the people who manage to stay together and persevere."

Before his marriage to Mary, Frederik was known to be a playboy but admitted he hoped for the kind of relationship he has with Mary now.

"I remember how my mother, Queen Margrethe, said in her wedding speech in 2004 that I had found peace and joy with Mary," he said.

Genoveva Casanova deletes Instagram account after affair rumours

Genoveva Casanova
Genoveva issued a statement, slamming any reports she and Frederik are having an affair. Photo: Getty

It comes after Genoveva Casanova deleted her Instagram page after she was forced to deny having a relationship with Frederik.

Spanish publication Lecturas claimed last year that Frederik cheated on Mary with the socialite during a solo trip to Spain.


Genoveva released a statement at the time of the reports that reads: "I categorically deny the statements that suggest a romantic relationship between [King] Frederick and me.

"Any statement of this type not only completely lacks the truth but also misrepresents the facts in a malicious manner.

"This is already in the hands of my lawyers, who will take care of the pertinent steps to protect my right to honour, truth and privacy."

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