Danish royals break silence on claims Prince Frederik cheated on Princess Mary

Fans have slammed the Crown Prince over the rumours.

The Danish royal family has broken their silence on reports Crown Prince Frederick cheated on Crown Princess Mary with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova.

The royals have remained tightlipped after Spanish magazine Lecturas first claimed Frederick was costing up to Genoveva. They have now told Danish publication B.T they "do not comment on rumours or insinuations".

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Princess Frederik
Prince Frederik and Princess Mary have tried putting on a united front since the cheating allegations, but fans believe the pair's relationship has strained. Photo: Getty

Frederick and Mary have also yet to comment on the matter. However, fans have been very vocal about it, taking to the official Danish royal Instagram account to leave angry comments.

"Respect and admiration for Princess Mary and a big 'shame, shame, shame on you' Crown Prince Frederik…for your alleged affair/friendship with a certain Mexican Socialite," one user wrote. "Sadly, this undermines the integrity of the Danish royal family."


"Run Mary, run!" another wrote.

"[Mary] gave the royal family a more prominent presence in the world which came with admiration and respect from around the world," a third said. "I hope Prince Frederik does not destroy that and thinks about his role as husband, father and heir to the throne with wisdoms and insight."

Some also shared that they thought Frederick and Mary were acting differently in public now.

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik pose close together
Mary and Frederik appeared much closer before the allegations came out. Photo: Getty

"They don't hold hands anymore," one sad fan wrote.

"I don’t think Crown Princess Mary looks okay at all," another said. "I’m so shook over this and can’t understand what’s going on. But hell, how sad would I be if suddenly, from one day to the next, Mary wasn't supposed to be our Crown Princess (and future queen) anymore?

"Would be so wrong and sad and.. Unreal. Hope so for the family there is a good explanation and that they get through it well."

What happened between Frederik and Genoveva?

Lecturas published photos showing Frederik and Genoveva attending a Pablo Picasso exhibition in Madrid last month, claiming the pair is romantically linked.

Genoveva has slammed any reports of a romantic connection between herself and Frederik, telling Hola! she 'categorically' denies any suggestion that she and Frederik are romantically involved, saying the rumours are "malicious" and untrue. She also said that she is looking to take legal action.

Lecturas claims Frederik and Genoveva went to her apartment building separately, both emerging separately two hours later before getting into the same car.

Genoveva Casanova
Genoveva Casanova issued as statement, slamming any reports she and Frederik are having an affair. Photo: Getty

The pair had changed into evening wear during their time in the building.

They then drove to the Spanish restaurant El Corral de la Moreria to watch flamenco dancers. The performance ended at midnight, but Frederik and Genoveva stayed until 1 a.m.

The pair left in the same car, with the Crown Prince flying home to Denmark the following morning.

Genoveva's full statement reads: "I categorically deny the statements that suggest a romantic relationship between Prince Frederick and me.


"Any statement of this type not only completely lacks the truth but also misrepresents the facts in a malicious manner.

"This is already in the hands of my lawyers, who will take care of the pertinent steps to protect my right to honor, truth and privacy."

Hola! reports Frederik visited Spain to enjoy art exhibitions, watch flamenco dancers and visit new restaurants.

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