Royal fans divided over Frederik and Mary's 'awkward' coronation kiss: 'Forced'

"He wanted the kiss, she clearly did not."

Australian-born Mary Donaldson has officially become the Queen of Denmark alongside her husband, the now King Frederik X, in a short ceremony where the former queen, Margrethe, abdicated.

The couple has endured a tough few months following rumours Frederik cheated on her with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova during a solo trip to Spain last year, with Spanish publication Lecturas claiming they are more than friends.

King Frederik X and Queen Mary kiss
Royal fans have been left divided after King Frederik X and Queen Mary shared a kiss on the balcony after ascending the Danish throne. Photo: Getty

On New Year's Eve, Margrethe announced her decision to step down after 52 years on the throne.

"I have decided that now is the right time," the former queen, 83, said. "The 14th of January 2024, 52 years after I followed my beloved father, I will step back as the Queen of Denmark. I leave the throne to my son the Crown Prince Frederik."

The ceremony was a quick one, with Frederik and Margrethe signing official documents, with the mother standing, giving her seat to her son, and saying, "God save the King," and leaving the room as a symbol of leaving the role.


After the ceremony took place, Frederik and Mary took to the balcony, with the new King telling the crowd he would be a unifying force for Danes.

Frederik and Mary shared a kiss on the balcony, with fans loving the PDA, though some thought the kiss was 'awkward', and shared their thoughts that Margrethe abdicated to 'save' the pair's marriage.

The King appeared to go in for a kiss, with Mary turning her head away, before they eventually locked lips, making things appear a little awkward.

"THEY KISSED ON THE BALCONY!" one fan wrote on X. "My year has been made. God Save King Frederik and Queen Mary."

"Frederik and Mary reenacted their balcony kiss I’M EMOTIONAL," another added, referencing the pair's wedding, with a third agreeing, "The way I squealed!! My mind drifted directly to the balcony kiss from their wedding. So lovely."

"A kiss for the Queen Mary from King Frederik in tears...beautiful...and so emotional," someone else added.

"I love their big F U to all gossipers who's trying to trash their marriage," one fan wrote.

Many others weren't convinced, with one user writing, "Forced! Something is wrong…"

Frederik and Mary wave at the crowds from the palace balcony
Some fans believe the former queen abdicated to 'save' Frederik and Mary's marriage after rumours he cheated on her. Photo: Getty

"That was about as cringey as a kiss between a married couple is ever going to get," another said.

"Listen, I am a fan of Mary’s and wish her only the best, but I don’t know about all is forgiven," another said. "Frederik practically pulled her in for the (awkwardly landing) kiss, and how many times did he grip her hand and raise it. Like yeah, we get it, she isn’t going anywhere."

"He wanted the kiss, she clearly did not," a third said.


"Okay. I guess that other woman has been eliminated from the equation," someone else quipped.

"I am not a real specialist in this subject but... Looks like a lip-malfunction to me!" one user said. "Queen Mary kissed his moustache or was ist just a famous Hollywood Kiss where no lips meet each other?!"

"The lengths mothers will go to for their sons… saved his marriage," another said.

"It wasn't forced, she wasn't sure if they were allowed & he likely said it's our decision now and decided to go for it," one fan hit back.

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