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BodyBlendz founder reveals how ADHD helped him build his brand: 'It's shaped who I am'

His hyper-focus helped him build the brand.

When Melbourne beauty entrepreneur Theo Ikosidekas launched BodyBlendz he became known in the industry for his all-or-nothing approach to work.

His hyperfocus allowed him to create the hugely successful Coffee Scrub and build his business from the ground up. The brand has been endorsed by Kim Kardashian, who talked on her social media platforms about the Glacial Dip Body Glow Exfoliating Hydrator, and sent the brand stratospheric.

But Theo's extreme work ethic hasn't always been beneficial. It means he could burn out fast, and after periods of intense work, he wouldn't be able to do anything at all.

Theo Ikosidekas and Coco Luxe Coffee Scrub
Theo Ikosidekas is the brains behind BodyBlendz. Photo: Supplied

Theo never thought anything of his extreme approach, until he fell seriously ill with Covid in 2022. He was so ill he nearly died and was put in a two-week coma to help his body recover. When he woke up, he could only walk short distances and was forced to take a step back from his business.

During his recovery, he put his difficulties with focus, time management, and impulsivity down to being so ill - but two years on, things weren't changing. "I struggled to focus, to finish tasks," he says. "Family made me realise that these things had always been a struggle for me, they were just heightened now.”

Theo's GP referred him to a psychiatrist, who confirmed he had ADHD. "The diagnosis brought a mix of emotions," he says. "Initially, relief as I had an explanation for the hurdles I'd encountered. Yet, it also introduced self-doubt and uncertainty."

Theo Ikosidekas on crutches in hospital
Theo Ikosidekas needed help walking after being hospitalised with Covid. Photo: Instagram

Along with medication, Theo is also working with alternative therapies to help him manage his ADHD.

"Medication is just one part of managing ADHD," he says. "Therapy, lifestyle adjustments, and self-awareness play equally crucial roles and it’s something I am working on. I just can’t believe it's taken me until my mid-thirties to work out what was wrong.”


The BodyBlendz CEO looks at his ADHD as a superpower and now believes it's helped shape his entrepreneurial journey. He wants others in the same situation to "embrace your unique brain. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, design your work environment to play to your strengths, develop routines, prioritise tasks, and seek support from professionals who understand ADHD," he says. "Most importantly, don't hesitate to ask for help or take breaks when needed."

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BodyBlendz Tone & Tighten Twin Pack and Booty Mask
BodyBlendz Tone & Tighten Twin Pack and Booty Mask. Photo: Supplied

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