Kate Ritchie shocks radio co-hosts with disgusting confession: 'Yuck'

Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli was left baffled by Kate's admission.

Kate Ritchie left her radio co-hosts stunned on Thursday morning when she made a wild parenting confession live on-air.

The former Home and Away star revealed on Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie that she used to use her mouth to suck snot out of her daughter Mae’s nose when she was sick.

Kate Ritchie speaking into a microphone / Wippa looking shocked.
Kate Ritchie said she used to suck snot from her daughter’s nose with her mouth. Photos: Instagram/fitzywippakate

“I’ve even sucked the mucus out of her nose when she’s had a cold in the shower,” Kate said, leaving her co-host Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli baffled.

“With my mouth, when they’re little,” she continued. “Everyone does that, no?”


While Wippa was speechless over Kate’s admission and put his head in his hands, newsreader Matt de Groot chimed in to share his thoughts.

“As soon as you said it, outside the studio I just heard a raft of people going, ‘No! No one does that’,” he remarked.

“Everyone out there is saying, ‘Yuck!’,” producer Tom Ivey added.

Kate continued to argue that what she did wasn’t strange and encouraged listeners to call into the show and weigh in.

The Block star's 'disgusting' habit

Kate’s divisive comment comes shortly after The Block star Sarah-Jane Calleja revealed that she and her husband Tom share the same toothbrush.

“I share my toothbrush with Tom,” she confessed on her podcast I Just Can't with SJ & Rach this week.

“This is a lot for people and there’s going to be someone sitting there going, ‘Holy f**k that is horrific, that is so disgusting Sarah-Jane. I can't even, I'm gagging’. And then there's going to be half that is also like, ‘I do it too’, and they might not admit it.”


Sarah-Jane said she’s “not ashamed” to be “a toothbrush sharer” with her husband, but admitted it’s not something she had done with any of her previous partners.

“When we moved in together I would always have two toothbrushes in the shaving cabinet, but Tom didn't care. He would just grab mine all the time,” she detailed. “I gave up years ago.”

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