Jess Rowe reveals huge fail in topless video: 'Too funny'

The journalist's admission had fans in stitches.

Former Today host Jess Rowe is a self-declared “crap housewife”, and she recently shared an embarrassing fail with her followers. In a candid video on Instagram, the media personality was getting ready for an event, wearing nothing but a towel.

She showed off her bold green eyeshadow before confessing to a common kitchen mistake. “Does this ever happen to you?” she asked followers, revealing a quick glimpse of a pan containing a messy, burnt spaghetti bolognese.

L: Jess Rowe in just a towel. R: Jess Rowe in a bright pink hat with a pink lip
Jess Rowe found herself in an embarrassing position. Photo: Instagram/jessjrowe

“You get so carried away with your green eyeshadow, you’re putting it on because you’re going to an event, and you’re going oh, it looks so fabulous,” she said, before giving her fans a closer look at the burnt pan.

“But the spag bol that you are cooking for dinner tonight is cooking, and look. It’s really cooked on,” she laughed.


Her dinner looked extremely unappetising, with the remains being firmly stuck to the bottom of the pan. In the caption, she told viewers that she managed to salvage some of the food to eat for dinner.

The journalist’s video racked up over 12,000 views with fans praising her for sharing her mistake with the world.

L: Jess Rowe showing off her cooking fail. R: Jess Rowe showing a pan with burnt food on the bottom
The star showed off her glam look before revealing what happened with her dinner. Photo: Instagram/jessjrowe

“It’s so refreshing how self-deprecating you are in a world of selfies,” one gushed.

“You’re too funny, love it!” another added.

“Oh Jess, you are so brutal in the kitchen,” a third chimed in.

“Yep, absolutely. I love you Jess, you are fabulous and always brighten my day,” another wrote.


Others told her how “fabulous” her makeup looked, while some shared tips for cleaning the burnt food off her pan.

“You look gorgeous! Soak the pan with a denture tablet. Will wipe off, no scrubbing,” suggested a follower.

“Fill the pan with water. Add half a cup of salt and bring it to the boil, continuously scraping the pan with a wooden spoon. It should lift off easily,” another recommended.

“Haha!! Chuck it out [and] buy a new one,” a third quipped.

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