Jess Rowe's surprising confession about her marriage: 'I disagree'

The former Today host shared her piece of unconventional marriage advice.

Former Today host Jessica Rowe has shared a surprising confession about her marriage to Channel Nine presenter Peter Overton.

The pair have just celebrated 19 years together and Jess took to her LiSTNR podcast The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show to share her relationship secrets.

One of her tips however was more unconventional, with the 52-year-old admitting she and her husband had gone to bed angry at each other on a number of occasions.

"Something I think often pops up when people talk about great relationships is, 'Don't go to be angry'," she said.

Jessica Rowe and Peter Overton have just celebrated 19 years together. Source: Instagram/@jessjrowe
Jessica Rowe and Peter Overton have just celebrated 19 years together. Source: Instagram/@jessjrowe

"I disagree. There are plenty of times Petey and I have gone to bed angry.

"Nighttime is often the worse time to have discussions and the worst time to resolve things. Often issues seem worse at night, you're more tired, everything seems more impossible – you need a good night's sleep.

"Do not give yourself a hard time if you go to bed angry, you don't want to be doing it frequently, but I think it's OK."

Jess also shared the small disagreements she and her husband occasionally had, and said it was important to "not sweat the small stuff".


"Often we can fixate on those small things," she said.

"I'm a mess, as many of you know I'm a crap housewife, I've got piles of laundry everywhere ... Petey sees it and gets a bit agitated. He likes to fold it, he likes to have it put away.

"I also have a lot of dishes in the sink, that doesn't bother me either. I also don't rinse, he doesn't like that, but again it's not a big deal.

"So yes he might get irritated with me and I get irritated with him but it doesn't matter. Pick your battles."

Peter, Giselle and Allegra Overton pose with Jessica Rowe.
Peter Overton and Jess Rowe with their children Giselle and Allegra. Source: Instagram/@jessjrowe

Jess, who describes Peter as the "ying to her yang", also puts their success down to having the same moral compass.

"For both Petey and I, family is at the heart of who we are, generosity is at the heart of who we are, kindness, compassion, and also working hard, doing something that you love and supporting the person you love to do that – those are the sorts of things that matter equally to both of us," she said.

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