Jackie 'O' Henderson shows off 10kg Weight Watchers transformation

Jackie 'O' Henderson has shown off her incredible new figure after losing 10kg using Weight Watchers.

The radio host began her weight loss journey in June after signing on as an ambassador, telling Woman's Day she feels "great" now.

Jackie 'O' Henderson on The Masked Singer
Jackie 'O' Henderson has shown off her incredible new figure after losing 10kg using Weight Watchers. Photo: Ten

"I feel great. I've got so much more energy and I don't walk past the mirror anymore and think, 'My God, how did I get to this point?'" she said.

"I can wear what I want, and I finally feel like my old self again."


Jackie signed up for the program after her busy schedule and irregular sleeping patterns meant she was making poor food decisions.

"Over the years, I’ve tried every diet under the sun, from the cabbage soup diet to the lemon detox diet, and none were healthy or endurable long term," Jackie said in a video for WW. "WW is different as it offers a relaxed, holistic and modern approach to weight loss that’s centred around flexibility, rather than starving yourself trying to lose the weight - I was thrilled to learn I could still eat carbs! It feels so easy, I can’t wait to tell everyone about it!"

Since she began working with WW, the host has been following a strict diet, telling the publication she eats chicken or vegetable soup for breakfast, a turkey burger or Cruskits with ham, cottage cheese and tomato for lunch, and fish or chicken with vegetables for dinner. When it comes to snacks she chooses yoghurt or nuts.

Chatting about the transformation on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday, she revealed she "never exercised once" and the weight loss was all down to diet.

Jackie previously admitted to being "embarrassed" about the weight she'd gained during lockdown last year and had been desperate to lose weight before starting the Masked Singer.

Jackie 'O' Henderson with daughter Kitty
Jackie said she wanted to set a good example for her daughter Kitty. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O

"I stopped wanting to leave the house and was avoiding social outings because I just didn't feel well, motivated or confident anymore," she said on the show, admitting to spending up to $300 on Uber Eats per week.

"It can be a challenge to set a good standard for the day when you're up at 4:30am and running out the door – your whole day and eating schedule can be a little bit out of whack from there," she said.

"I joined WW so that I can feel healthier, be more active, feel good about myself, and fit into my old clothes again," the host added. "It's also important to me that I set a good example for my daughter [Kitty] about a healthy lifestyle and approach to eating."

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