'Bachie 2020?': Ciarran Stott teases 'new beginnings' in cryptic post

Gillian Wolski
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Is Ciarran Stott the next Bachelor? His fans think so. Photo: Channel 10.

Ladies and gents, you might be looking upon your Bachelor for 2020, 25-year-old Ciarran Stott, if the cheeky Brit’s frenzied fans are correct, that is.

The ex-army rifleman who found fame on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette shared a rather cryptic Instagram post on Friday which many see as a less-than-subtle hint at his reality TV future.

“Looks like a fresh new chapter is starting very soon for myself and I can’t wait! Sydney you are on my horizon. New chapter means new beginnings and I’m so excited!” the tattooed star captioned a snap of himself at Bondi Beach.

Ciarran teased his fans with 'new beginnings' in a cryptic Instagram post. Photo: Instagram/ciarranstott.

Ciarran for Bachelor 2020?

The colourful character’s caption sent his 110k followers into a tailspin with more than one suggesting that his reference to a ‘fresh new chapter’ means he’s set to suit up for The Bachelor Australia season eight.

“Next Bachie,” wrote one.

“Bachie 2020,” said another.

“I smell Bachelor 2020,” suspected one.

Adding weight to the rumours is the fact that Darwin-based Ciarran’s new hometown is where the Channel 10 dating show has been filmed since it began in 2013.

“Move to Sydney = Bach 2020?” enquired one fan.

The cheeky brit has been keeping up his gym routine. Photo: Instagram/ciarranstott.

Another is convinced the self-described ‘sexual Willy Wonka’ is headed for Bachie spin-off Bachelor In Paradise along with The Bachelor runner-up Abbie Chatfield who is rumoured to appear.

“Bachie in paradise ready,” they wrote.

While Ciarran’s fans have high hopes he’ll return to the small screen, many are simply content to live in the same city as him.

“Need to get yourself down to the beach every day to hopefully run into this fine specimen,” advised one fan.

“Omg he’s moving to Sydney HUBBA HUBBA,” wrote another.

“Sh*t we needa go Bondi asap,” wrote one.

While Ciarran’s fellow Bachelorette star Jackson Garlick observed, “I just heard the collective jaws of the women of Sydney drop to the floor”.

A devastated Ciarran tells Angie Kent that he has to leave the show due to his nan's death. Photo: Channel 10.

Ciarran was forced to bow out of the competition following his beloved nan’s death just as his bond with Angie was intensifying, leaving them both heartbroken.

After his departure, he admitted on The Project that quitting the show “was absolutely awful” but was spotted getting cosy with fellow Bachie star Kiki Morris just weeks later.

Angie, of course, ended the season by choosing fitness trainer Carlin Sterritt over runner-up Timm Hanly.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Channel 10 for comment.

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