Bachelorette winner Carlin gushes over Angie Kent after finale

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Angie Kent has chosen Carlin Sterritt as the winner of The Bachelorette Australia 2019. Photo: Channel 10.

Angie Kent’s search for love on The Bachelorette Australia has come to a dramatic yet happy end, with the 29-year-old choosing Carlin Sterritt, 30, as her ‘perfect guy’.

The blonde beauty declared her love for Carlin in the depths of Byron Bay’s lush rainforest, after reflecting that their relationship ‘looks real and looks right’.

Angie, resplendent in a silver beaded gown, greeted her beau with a smile before opening up her heart.

Carlin wins The Bachelorette 2019

“There’s no doubt in my mind that you are the perfect guy for me,” she said to a slightly stunned Carlin.

“I am completely falling in love with you,” she added, pulling him in for a kiss.

Carlin was momentarily lost for words but revealed that he’d fallen for Angie, too.

“I’m just so happy right now,” he said.

Taking to Instagram with a sweet video after the finale aired, the couple looked just as smitten.

Carlin gave Angie a ring as a symbol of his commitment. Photo: Channel 10.

“It’s been wild and I put my all into it and Carlin stuck by me and look, we here together and we’re so happy,” Angie said.

“It’s been one heck of a ride and I’m just stoked to be here with Angie at the end,” Carlin added.

In his own gushy Instagram post, Carlin wrote, “Those who have gone before us, know that you don’t need to go on a reality TV show to find love...

“However I can confirm, that you can go on a reality TV show and find love. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s our love story! I love you Angie and I’m SO excited for a future with you.”

Angie’s ‘commitment ring’

On the night of the finale, Carlin surprised Angie by presenting her with a gold ring, saying it was a ‘symbol of his commitment to her’.

He slid the ring, which appears to be set with several clear stones, onto Angie’s middle finger which it fitted perfectly.

A smitten Angie went on to gush over her ‘new boyfriend’ - her first in over eight years - before joking about their future together.

“Who knows where we’ll be in six months, we could be living together. I could be pregnant!” she laughed.

Angie and Carlin share a kiss in the lush Byron Bay rainforest. Photo: Channel 10.
Angie and her 'new boyfriend' Carlin. Photo: Channel 10.

Timm’s sad goodbye

New couple Angie and Carlin’s happiness comes at the cost of runner-up Timm Hanly’s, with the quirky fireproofer left devastated at the result.

While an emotional Angie told Timm he was her ‘soul mate,’ she explained that they weren’t meant to be.

Timm graciously gave Angie his blessing, saying that he ‘loves’ Carlin and can’t see her with a better man. While he admitted he was ‘gutted’ he still gave Angie a gift, a gold ring.

Saying goodbye to Timm left Angie in tears. Photo: Channel 10.

Carlin in it to win it

The handsome fitness trainer remained the bookies’ favourite to take out the top spot right from the beginning, despite dropping a bombshell in episode two: he’s a married man.

The actor/model - and part-time retail worker - appeared to throw viewers a curveball when he - or someone who looked very much like him - popped up in Fiji in the days leading up to the finale.

The Pacific island happens to be where Bachie spin-off series Bachelor In Paradise is filmed, sparking rumours that Carlin was part of the cast, however it may have been a red herring to throw fans a curve-ball.

Angie presents Carlin with the coveted 24 hour rose in episode one. Photo: Channel 10.

Who are Angie’s top two bachelors?


While his tattoos are intimidating to some, Timm insists he is actually a softie at heart.

“I buy flowers for myself every Sunday," he said, and he even gifted Angie with a bunch of sunflowers - her nan’s favourite bloom - on the red carpet.

Timm, 27, VIC. Photo: Network 10


Carlin, 30, NSW. Photo: Network 10

A personal trainer by trade, Sydney-based Carlin has the rig to match what Angie calls his ‘hot diggity damn’.

He also describes himself as 'kind, passionate and confident' so it’s no secret why he’s already become a fan fave.

Despite earning the coveted first single date with Andie - a 24-hour camping trip - things got tense when Carlin revealed he’s actually a married man.

Who has been sent home?


Tom, 31, QLD Photo: Network 10

Although he’s not interested in dating a vegan, Tom’s ideal woman is still "genuine, caring, adventurous, friendly and kind”.

“From what I’ve seen, Angie appears to have the qualities I am looking for in a woman,” he said.


Scot, 27, NSW. Photo: Network 10

Fashioning a bright pink blazer to their first meeting, Scott’s style choice isn’t the only thing to likely catching Angie’s eye.

The 27-year-old is done with short-term flings and is more than ready to settle down—if he finds the right girl.


Matt, 27, QLD. Photo: Network 10

Handsome Queenslander Matt is a professional BMX rider and wants a partner who seeks similar adventure.

“Life is about having a good time. I don’t think I could love a girl if they don’t love themselves,” he said.


Jamie, 39, NSW. Photo: Network 10

Despite being the eldest of the bachelor bunch, 39-year-old Jamie’s antics are set to prove he’s very much young at heart.

This was first shown while arriving in his fireman uniform while carrying a puppy, in an adorable bid to gain Angie’s affection.

Things seemed to go awry when Jamie crashed Angie’s intimate moment with Ryan Anderson, with the bachelorette herself admitting the firefighter’s behaviour was a little ‘creepy’ and made the whole situation very ‘uncomfortable’.

Fans took to social media during the episode to say Jamie needed “several chill pills”.

After he was sent home, he raised eyebrows again with an awkward on-air kiss with fellow bachelor Ciarran Stott on The Project.


Jackson, 25, NSW. Photo: Network 10

When he’s not making some dough in his family’s pie business, 25-year-old Jackson can likely be found watching the footy.

“I’d like to think I’m a really down to earth guy. I’m rough around the edged and don’t pretend to be perfect,” he said.


Haydn, 32, NSW. Photo: Network 10

As a firefighter, Haydn is used to be being surrounded by flames, but potentially not the type he’s after.

Following a difficult patch, the 32-year-old is now ready to settle down with the girl he’s always dreamt of.


Glenn, 31, WA. Photo: Network 10

A 31, Glenn is keen to find the one after more than a decade on the dating scene, telling producers “love is one of the best things that can happen to you in life”.

The West Australian fridge mechanic will likely become a fast favourite thanks to his family values and sandy blond locks.


Ciarran, 25, NT. Photo: Network 10

An early favourite, ex-army rifleman Ciarran’s long blond locks ensure he’s bound to stand out from the crowd.

Born in Darwin, the 25-year-old Territorian is ready to settle down after being in love once before.


Alex, 26, QLD. Photo: Network 10

At just 26, Alex has never been in a relationship before but hopes his first love could be Angie.

The Queensland-based landscaper’s ideal woman has a ‘beautiful smile’ and is ‘happy in their own skin’.


Adam, 34, QLD. Photo: Network 10

A self-described ‘free spirit’, Adam is a 34-year-old free diving instructor from Queensland.

He also has two children from a previous marriage and is looking for a love who’s ‘funny and intelligent’.


Eliminated: episode four

Niranga, 28, QLD. Photo: Network 10

With a background as a state-level athlete in both rugby and cricket, Niranga is likely used to the competitive environment he’ll be confronted with in the mansion.

While 28 is early for some, Queensland-based engineer insists he’s ready to find his perfect match.


Eliminated: episode four

Jesse, 31, WA. Photo: Network 10

Priding himself on a stellar sense of humour, 31-year-old tradie, Jesse is looking for a partner with bucketloads of confidence.

“I want a girl who has a drive for success and self-improvement,” he said. “A girl that is attractive but doesn’t know it, is also a turn on.”


Eliminated: episode three

Mitch, 31, QLD. Photo: Channel 10

A plumber by trade, Mitch says he friends would describe him as a laid back guy who likes a party—something he’s not ashamed of

“I’m down to earth and easygoing, no hang ups and what you see is what you get,” he said.

Angie Kent quickly let go of Mitch on episode three of The Bachelorette Australia after he decided it was the perfect time to lay down a bizarre ultimatum. After skipping out on the group date he was invited on, Mitch then thought it was a great idea to sit Angie down during the cocktail party for a heart-to-heart.

“All I’m gonna say is, if you can’t see me being there at the end of this. I don’t want you to give me a rose tonight,” he said, leaving Angie a little lost for words.

Clearly shocked by his statement, Angie said in her piece to camera: “Hang on. We've spent, like, 10 minutes together, and you're asking me to make that type of decision? What the hell is going on?”

“You’re giving me an ultimatum but you haven’t given me the time to get to know you either. And I can’t have that,” the 29-year-old then told Mitch.

“I’ve been single for a long time and I’m happy with who I am and I need someone who really wants to be here for me.”


Eliminated: episode three

Kayde, 25. Photo: Channel 10

Born with the gift of the gab and armed with a bagful of cheeky comebacks, this luxury car salesman fully believes in being his true self, even if that means stepping on a few toes.

Always ready to bust out some “sweet Magic Mike moves”, this 25-year-old is anything but shy, and hopes to find a loyal, caring girl who can match his playful attitude and positive outlook on life.


Eliminated: episode two

Jess, 36, QLD. Photo: Network 10

As a local politician in his real life, Jess is likely more prepared than most when it comes to the scrutiny of appearing on reality TV.

But beneath the extroverted career choice, the 36-year-old insists his values remain grounded, telling producers of his ‘drive and purpose in life’.

Jess refused to quit his job as a local councillor in Noosa, Queensland following demands that he resign.

The 36-year-old’s boss, Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington, told Fitzy and Wippa he condemned Jess’ behaviour on the reality TV show and has urged him to resign.

“I don’t see that he has a future on his council,” he said.

In a statement, Mayor Wellington added that Jess “will be referred to the Office of the Independent Assessor for an alleged breach of the Councillor's Code of Conduct”.

A petition was created on to have Jess removed from council.

Jess has since hit back in a separate interview with Hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt, saying he had no plans to step down from the role.

“No, I’m not resigning that’s just not me, we all make mistakes,” he told the program.

“This is just one day out of my whole political career in Noosa and I made probably the worst judgement ever and I’m not like this in my day to day life and I won’t resign.”

“[Mayor Tony’s] job is to put the best interests of Noosa and that’s what he’s done.”


Eliminated: episode two

Warwick, 36, QLD Photo: Network 10

As a 36-year-old construction supervisor, Warwick is ready for a life partner to add to his steady career.

He added Angie seems attractive as she "just seems like someone that I would have a laugh with.”


Eliminated: episode two

Oliver, 25, NSW. Photo: Network 10

While 25-year-old Oliver is several years younger than Angie, he is confident their matching, outgoing personalities are bound to result in a dynamic relationship.

“I honestly believe Angie would never have dated anyone like me,” he said.


Eliminated: episode two

Josh, 37, VIC. Photo: Network 10

At 37, Josh is more than ready to find the right lady—a journey which could start with Angie in tonight’s premiere.

“I believe first impression are important, but love can develop as you get to know someone,” he said.

The Bachelorette Australia airs 7:30 Wednesday and Thursdays on Channel 10.

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