Heartbreak behind Bachelorette favourite's shock exit

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Ciarran and Angie on The Bachelorette
Ciarran left after receiving devastating news from back home. Photo: Ten

Bachie fans were left devastated last night after series favourite Ciarran made the shocking decision to exit the show early.

The exuberant British hopeful stormed out of the cocktail party on Wednesday night following a blow-up with Timm and last night returned, sans suit, to break the news to Angie.

Devastatingly, the 25-year-old had received a crushing blow from back home - his beloved grandmother had passed away while he was filming the show.

Ciarran opened up about his relationship with his nan to Angie on a previous episode, explaining she was like a mother to him and was clearly absolutely heartbroken over the news.

The former exotic dancer was unable to continue in the competition and left to return home.

Ciarran cries as Angie holds his hands on The Bachelorette
Ciarran opened up about his grief to Angie. Photo: Ten

In an emotional exchange with Angie, he explained his decision.

“I feel like we’ve got a connection. It’s really hard for me to do this,” he told a tearful Angie.

He also admitted he thought he would end up regretting his decision, something he confirmed to 10 Daily yesterday.

“Looking back on it I do feel like I made a mistake. It's a bit gutting to be fair,” he said.

Fans devastated

Fans were devastated at the loss of Ciarran, who has earned praise for his refreshing confidence and wicked dress sense.

Once he made his exit, Twitter lit up with heartbroken reactions.

Host Osher Günsberg even took to the platform to commend the former contestant on showing such a vulnerable side to himself, something others agreed with wholeheartedly.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

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