Carlin's subtle message to Angie's 'soulmate' Timm

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Angie and Carlin found love of the Bachelorette, but seem to be rubbing it in the runner-up's face. Photo: Ten

Bachelorette winner Carlin Sterritt has taken an unexpected swipe at runner-up Tim Hanly, in an Instagram post some are saying is a not-so-subtle message to Angie’s long-locked former lover.

Fan-favourite, Timm Hanly, was many people’s first choice for Bachelorette Angie but he lost out to aspiring actor Carlin.

Yesterday, Carlin uploaded a snap of himself and Angie on a blissful Vietnam getaway, with a caption just spicy enough to raise a few eyebrows and send a subtle message to Timm.

Carlin Sterritt appeared to take a swipe at runner-up Timm in this Instagram post. Photo: Instagram/carlinsterritt

“My best friend I haven’t friend-zoned,” he wrote under the selfie of the lovebirds posing in swimwear.

Angie broke the news to Timm on the show’s grand finale that she wasn’t picking him as the winner, by calling him her ‘soulmate’ in a move many labelled as the ultimate friend zone.

The very public dig from Carlin didn’t go unnoticed by fans with backlash in the comments.

“Timm would have made a much less sh*t caption,” one fan wrote pointedly.

Timm was left heartbroken. Photo: Ten

Carlin copped some flak towards the end of the series when his brother revealed he entered the competition looking to boost his acting career.

Angie under fire

Though the couple weathered the fall out of the revelation, Angie has since been blasted over claims she too was using the franchise to boost her career.

New Idea reported the Gogglebox star’s former Bachelorette contestants turned on her in a group chat where they accused her of using the show to boost a ‘dying reality career’ after leaving Gogglebox and finishing on I’m a Celebrity.

Meanwhile, certain fans remain unconvinced of Angie and Carlin’s genuine connection, after a rocky appearance on Have You been Paying Attention.

Peter Helliar asked Carlin if he’d read Angie’s newly released book, which caused a bit of a kerfuffle in the studio. 

“Not yet, I’m waiting for my signed copy,” Carlin responded, shuffling around on his feet as Angie looked thoroughly unimpressed with her new love. 

She could then be seen half-jokingly thrusting the book in his direction, saying: “This is for you”. 

Meanwhile, Timm has admitted he’s in no short supply of love interest after the show, making a very naughty confession about the ladies flocking to slide into his DM’s.

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