Bachelorette favourite Ciarran gets cosy with former star

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Ciarran Stott was spotted with former Bachelor contestant Kiki Morris. Photo: Diimex

Bachelorette heartthrob Ciarran Stott broke hearts all over Australia when he had to leave Angie Kent, the mansion and Osher early, following the death of his grandmother.

For many fans, the slim possibility that Ciarran might storm back into the mansion ahead of the final and win Angie’s heart was the only thing pulling them through, but it looks like this unlikely scenario is now completely impossible.

Ciarran and Kiki has their hands all over each other. Photo: Diimex

The man of many hairstyles has been spotted out and about with another star in the Bachie universe, Kiki Morris, and damn it if they don’t look pretty bloody thrilled with each other.

Photos taken in Sydney’s famous Bondi on November 4, show Ciarran and Kiki shopping for some shades and threads, probably right before they jetted off for Bachelor in Paradise filming (we hope).

Further crushing the hearts of those hoping for a Ciarran-Angie reunion was the sight of the pair clasping hands, and wrapping arms around each others’ waists.

There was no mistaking Ciarran and Kiki as they made their way through Bondi Westfield. Photo: Diimex

32-year-old Kiki was a contestant on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor back in 2016, but came away unlucky in love.

NW reported an onlooker confirmed the pictures don’t lie, they were reportedly leaving little doubt as to their relationship status.

"The two of them looked smitten with each other," the magazine source was quoted.

"They couldn't keep their hands off one another!"

The duo clasped hands, breaking Bachelorette fans' hearts. Photo: Diimex

Throwing a spanner into the works, however, is the aforementioned rumour that the two are both set to appear in Bachelor in Paradise 2020.

The series famously dumps a whole bunch of single former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, or failures in other words, on an island and waits for love to blossom.

Of course ‘single’ is an important part of the equation, so Kiki and Ciarran might be looking loved up and create the perfect sounding name combination of all time, but they’ll have to drop the hand-holding if they mean business in Fiji.

Will the duo be bringing these vibes into Paradise? Photo: Diimex

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