Inside Shark Tank judge's wild viewing party after renting $40k presidential suite

Jane Lu gave her followers a tour of her impressive suite at Crown Sydney.

Showpo CEO Jane Lu has wowed her social media followers after she shared a video of her extravagant Shark Tank viewing party at Crown Sydney over the weekend.

Jane, who is one of the five new Sharks on Channel 10’s reboot of the reality show, rented “the most expensive hotel suite in Australia” to celebrate with her friends, family and co-stars.

Showpo CEO Jane Lu at Crown Sydney.
Showpo CEO Jane Lu held a Shark Tank viewing party at 'the most expensive hotel suite in Australia'. Photos: Instagram/thelazyceo

“Where else do you go to watch the first episode of Shark Tank Australia as a Shark with the other Sharks than a $40,000-a-night presidential suite?” she said.


The self-proclaimed ‘Lazy CEO’ then gave her fans a tour of the suite, which included a karaoke and TV room, a billiards table, a grand piano, a hot tub, a master bedroom with an enormous walk-in robe, and sweeping views of Sydney Harbour.

After a few failed attempts to open the balcony door, Jane eventually showed off the impressive open-air outdoor area with a spa and “pond”.

Jane shared a follow-up video on Tuesday showing off the actual viewing party she had organised featuring a media wall, live music and a Shark Tank-themed cake.

She was also joined by fellow Sharks Dr Catriona Wallace, Sabri Suby and The Oodie founder Davie Fogarty.

“Such a big moment to celebrate with the other Sharks and my friends,” Jane said in the video.

“Then we kicked on to some karaoke. Love that we went from a $40,000-a-night hotel suite to Strike Bowling. Started from the bottom and now we’re at… Strike Bowling!”

Showpo CEO Jane Lu celebrating with Shark Tank stars Davie Fogarty, Catriona Wallace and Sabri Suby at Crown Sydney.
Showpo CEO Jane Lu held a Shark Tank viewing party at a $40k-a-night presidential suite. Photos: Instagram/thelazyceo

'Absolutely epic'

Catriona Wallace took to the comments on Jane’s post to say that the hotel suite was the “most extraordinary venue” she’s ever been to.

“That being said I’d also be super happy with a hut in the jungle,” she added.

“Incredible night! Incredible people,” Davie wrote.

“Looks absolutely epic!” one fan replied, while another said, “Oh wow! This is stunning!”


However, not everyone was convinced that the hotel suite was worth the enormous price tag.

“Don't get me wrong. It looks STUNNING, but maybe it's just my frugal ways but I could never justify spending that much on a hotel room,” one person commented. “Even if I one day become a millionaire (fingers crossed) I'm not sure I could break my cheap mentality.”

“Only 5k less than the minimum wage, bargain!” someone else remarked.

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