Ash Pollard reveals which reality shows she wants to do after The Traitors

EXCLUSIVE: The self-proclaimed 'Reality TV OG' spills on her future plans.

She’s competed on My Kitchen Rules, Dancing With The Stars and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, but Ash Pollard’s latest reality TV stint may have been her most difficult yet.

The radio host was recently eliminated from Channel 10’s thrilling series The Traitors, where she had to lie, manipulate and even ‘murder’ her fellow contestants for the chance to win up to $250,000 cash.

Ash Pollard on The Traitors.
Ash Pollard recently appeared on the gripping reality show The Traitors. Photo: Channel 10

“I learnt a little bit about myself on the show that I'm not somebody that likes to deceive people,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle following her dramatic exit during Monday night’s episode.

“I thought that I was. I was like, ‘I hope they're going to ask me to be a Traitor’, and when I was picked I was so excited. But then when I had to start being traitorous and fibbing to everybody and being secretive, I quickly learned that actually, that was very uncomfortable for me.”


With only a handful of celebrities cast for season two alongside everyday Australians, Ash believes it was only a matter of time before she was voted off the show.

“I was bound to get caught because I just feel like as a ‘celeb’, all of the rest of the Faithfuls that weren't celebs were just going to be like, ‘Get rid of them’,” she says.

“All that chatter around the mansion at the time was, ‘If production hasn't chosen a celebrity to be the Traitor…’, so they were just trying to knock off the celebs when they could.”

Ash Pollard on The Traitors.
‘I learnt a little bit about myself on the show that I'm not somebody that likes to deceive people.’ Photo: Channel 10

Ash's future reality TV plans

While she only enjoyed a short stint on The Traitors, Ash shares that her experience helped her realise which reality TV shows she would want to try and conquer next.

“I absolutely don't want to do Survivor - I would not survive Survivor,” she laughs. “I'm not really into gameplay like that, and I've only learned that from being on The Traitors. I thought I would be good at things like that, but it really does eat me up inside and it makes me a bit paranoid.

“Also the sleeping arrangements! While I did survive the jungle [on I’m A Celebrity], I believe that the sleeping arrangements and the food arrangements on Survivor are slightly more brutal. I’ve had kids now, I don't want to put myself through hell again. If I can go on a show where I can just have a bed and a nice hot meal at the end of the day, tick.

“I think what I would be good at would be Celebrity Apprentice. I think that that kind of strategy and that kind of hustle would be good for me. That suits my personality.”

The mother-of-two adds that she could also see herself on The Masked Singer or Celebrity MasterChef - although she admits the bar is much higher on the Channel 10 cooking competition than it is on My Kitchen Rules.

Ash Pollard.
Ash shares that she’d love to appear on Celebrity Apprentice next. Photo: Instagram/ashpollard__

Ash, who refers to herself as a ‘Reality TV OG’, went on to say that she feels very proud to have built a career in the media world after appearing as a contestant on MKR in 2015.

“Honestly, if you look at the reality landscape, not a lot of people have had success in the industry,” she remarks.


“It can be fleeting, and I believe that there is an art to remaining within the realms of reality and being respected and getting more jobs. And so I'm proud that I've made a path and made a career and put a roof over my head from reality TV and radio. It hasn't been easy, it’s really hard, and you do have to hustle.

“There is a lot of trying to prove yourself. Like I don't sit on my laurels and wait for someone to come and ask me. Even though networks do say, ‘We’d love for you to be on the show’, you still have to do a lot of work in between shows and work that you're doing to make sure that networks and production companies remember that you're still there. Because otherwise, they will forget.”

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