Inside MAFS dinner parties: Everything you need to know

Married at First Sight's Claire has revealed there is one major change this year.

The Married at First Sight dinner parties are some of the most explosive episodes of the season as the stars come head-to-head to confront each other during the boozy gathering.

On Monday night, season 10's couples joined together for their first dramatic dinner party, with couples questioning why Claire Nomarhas and Jesse Burford arrived separately while Melinda Willis lashed out at Harrison Boon for having a girlfriend on the outside.

Here's everything you need to know about the MAFS dinner parties.

MAFS dinner parties are usually where most of the drama goes down. Source: Channel Nine
MAFS dinner parties are usually where most of the drama goes down. Source: Channel Nine

Where are the MAFS dinner parties?

The dinner parties, which take place once a week and usually air on Wednesday nights, are filmed at a warehouse in Lilyfield in Sydney's Inner West.

Season eight bride Beck Zemek spoke openly with So Dramatic! last year about the often tense car rides to the dinner parties.

“What people don’t see is that aircon messes with your microphone, so you actually have to sit in the car and drive around until they get enough shots and questions answered before you actually get to the warehouse,” she said.

“By that time, especially because you’re filming at the end of summer, you are literally dripping of sweat.”


How realistic is the dinner party drama?

Beck claimed there was also a lot of acting involved when it came to the reality show's dinner parties.

“You need to remember going into the dinner parties, [the participants] are pretending they don't know things that have happened,” she said.

“We all live on the same floor, we all talk to each other, we’re all sitting in tents ten minutes before we walk into the pre-party whispering to each other. Like, it's not as if we have never seen each other and we want to know what's going on. It is a lot of acting.”

Beck Zemek poses in a sparkly dress.
Beck Zemek has revealed the truth behind the MAFS dinner parties. Source: Channel Nine

How much do the experts see?

MAFS expert Mel Schilling told Yahoo Lifestyle "we literally see what you see".

“We go by the participant’s accounts of what happened during the week because we don't see footage,” sexologist Alessandra Rampolla added.

"We don't go to the weddings. We don't know how they got on. We see nothing of the honeymoons.

“We just observe the dinner parties and we make comments on that, and some of those things we’ll bring to the commitment ceremony if we want to clarify, or we just listen to what they have to say and what they choose to bring to the table.”

The sexologist went on to share that an interesting part of the series is that viewers often have more intel about the relationships than the experts.

“Audiences are watching and they have their opinions and they're very invested, but we have none of that information to add to our thought process or the opinions that we're going to get back,” she continued.

Domenica Calaraco looks furious as she smashes a glass on a table.
Domenica Calaraco smashed a wine glass on the last season of MAFS. Source: Channel Nine

Hidden detail in MAFS dinner party

Season ten bride Claire Nomarhas recently revealed a hidden detail in the dinner parties filmed for this year's season.

While last year's season saw some explosive arguments, with star Domenica Calarco smashing a wine glass during a heated conversation with co-star Olivia Frazer, Clare revealed to Nova's Fitzy & Wippa that the glasses are actually plastic this season.

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