Influencer's 'embarrassing' act in Costco divides: 'Difficult to watch'

TikToker Enola Bedard showed off her complicated dance moves in the retail store.

Canadian influencer Enola Bedard has been slammed for her unusual act in the middle of a crowded Costco. A resurfaced video of the dancer shows her performing a high-energy dance while customers stopped and stared.

Her mum was seen filming the routine on her phone while Enola pulled out some complicated moves. The TikToker, who has 15.8 million followers on the platform, wore her hair up in a high ponytail and sported bright, white sneakers to dance in.

L: TikTok influencer Enola Bedard dancing in a costco. R: Enola Bedard posing for the camera
TikTok influencer Enola Bedard has divided with her Costco stunt. Photo: TikTok & Instagram/enola.bedard

The dancer didn’t hold anything back, putting her own spin on New Zealand dance group Royal Family’s famous choreography from 2015. She was seen moving her hips to the beat and flicking her hair from one side to the other.

Her original TikTok gained over 51.1 million views and almost 30,000 comments, but some people didn’t like her stunt.


After a clip was shared to a popular influencer shaming Instagram account this year, the dancer was labelled “rude” and “inconsiderate” for dancing in a public space.

“The second-hand embarrassment I’m feeling right now,” one person commented, with another agreeing that it was “genuinely difficult to watch”.

Two photos of TikTok influencer Enola Bedard dancing for the camera
Many people slammed the dancer for inconveniencing other shoppers. Photo: TikTok/enola.bedard

“It’s downright rude and beyond inconsiderate because she’s absolutely aware…the intent is there and she chooses not to care about anyone else’s needs. I was thinking…I would have ‘accidentally’ bumped her,” a third chimed in.

“It’s hard enough navigating a cart around the traffic jams of boomers clamouring for a free sample, and now we gotta deal with this s**t??” another asked.

However, many fans leapt to defend Enola’s actions, saying she was simply “having fun”.

“Why are so many people tearing this talented woman down? She has talent. I think people need to leave other people alone and stop judging for some sort of sick fun,” a fan wrote.

“I’d be tickled pink if I saw someone bust out [and] dance in the middle of the grocery store. Life is short, lighten up. She’s talented AF,” another added.


“She’s just having fun and killing this dance!!!! Live a little! What, stop hating on this poor girl!” a third remarked.

“I think it’s also meant to be ironic and a little comical. The idea that you would be doing a dance routine in a store like that is ridiculous, and that’s why you do it,” another pointed out.

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