Influencer brutally mocked after swimsuit stunt goes wrong: 'Humbled'

The influencer attempted to take some racy snaps in the ocean.

An influencer has been roasted online after her skimpy swimsuit stunt went horribly wrong in Miami. The woman, clad in a pink one-piece with a thong detail, looked confident as she waded out into the sea.

Clutching a phone in her right hand, she bent down in a sultry pose as a wave rose up behind her. In a matter of seconds, the influencer was completely engulfed by the water and knocked off her feet.

Three photos of an influencer in a pink swimsuit posing in the sea
The influencer's photoshoot didn't go as planned. Photo: Instagram/onlyindade

Somehow, she managed to get up quite quickly and was still holding her phone. Her swimsuit fell off due to the power of the wave, but she readjusted her outfit as she stood up.

After the video was shared by two popular Instagram accounts, ONLY in DADE and Influencers in the wild, it gained over 1.8 million views and thousands of comments.


“BTS of trying to get the perfect selfie,” the caption read, prompting people to make hilarious quips in the comments.

“Mother Nature said..not today hun,” one joked.

“Every time I see the ocean wreck an influencer photoshoot I can’t help but feel like nature is healing,” another wrote.

“The ocean was like [I’m] tired of y’all doing this s**t,” a third said.

“A wave will humble you,” another added.

Others were in awe of how put together the influencer looked after she was dunked by the wave.

“If she caught it at the perfect time that photo would be fire,” one pointed out.

“That commitment to finish with a pose, though!” another commented.

“If she got the shot, it’s gonna be a great picture,” a third remarked.

Bikini influencer slammed for ‘dangerous’ stunt at work

This comes after a bikini influencer caused concern with her choice of attire.

The woodworker has posted a number of videos on her Instagram account showing her hard at work using power tools while ditching protective clothing.

One video shows the influencer cutting a piece of wood with a power saw, wearing a plunging hot pink triangle bikini and glasses on her head.

The influencer, who has more than 370,000 followers on Instagram, is seen in another video wearing an orange string bikini and respirator while sanding a piece of wood.


"What you are doing there is beyond dangerous. A woodworker with experience knows to NEVER crosscut a piece of lumber pressed up against the ripfence. A kickback into your body is inevitable. What you are doing is very dangerous," one commented.

"No safety glasses, no hard-wearing clothes, loose hair and dangling jewellery. That's just an accident waiting to happen," another commented.

"Where the f*** are your safety glasses? Not proper clothing either wtf," a third slammed the influencer.

"Thanks for teaching people what not to do, put some safety gear on," another savaged the woodworker.

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