Influencer roasted for twerking in family pool: 'Painful to watch'

An influencer has been mocked online after a video of her twerking in a pool went viral.

The clip shows the scantily-clad woman shaking her butt towards a camera with a young child and his parents in the background.

L: An influencer twerking in a pool with a mum, dad and son in the background circled in red. R: An influencer dancing in a pool
An influencer has been savaged online after dancing in front of a family. Photo: Instagram/influencersinthewild

The content creator is wearing a patterned one-piece swimsuit with cut-outs and continually drops in and out of the water to create splashes towards her phone.

At the end of the video, she brings her hand up to the sky and looks pleased with her effort.

The family in the background are seen getting their things together before taking their child and leaving the pool area.


The video was shared on a popular Instagram account and racked up 47,000 views in just one hour.

People were shocked by the influencer’s ‘embarrassing’ behaviour, with many pointing out that children witnessed her act.

“Has she no shame??? Or room awareness??? There’s kids around!” one irate person commented.

“Ma’am. The children are watching,” a second wrote, while another added that the video was “painful to watch”.

“How is she not completely embarrassed? I’m embarrassed for her. Not because of how she looks or anything, but because I’d never record myself like that in public,” remarked a fourth.


Others hit back and said that the influencer wasn’t hurting anybody by making her content and didn’t deserve to be made fun of.

“I mean, I wouldn’t do this but whatever, I don’t mind. They could be doing a lot worse,” one person wrote.

“She’s paying those bills baby!!” a second chimed in, while another added: “If you got it, why not shake it?”

“She probably just paid for her vacation [by creating content],” another pointed out.

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