Influencer slammed for racy bikini photoshoot: 'Should be arrested'

An influencer has been slammed online after she was spotted creating steamy content while out in public.

The OnlyFans creator, who goes by the name Allecakes online, was filmed posing for a photographer in an extremely skimpy red thong bikini.

L: Allecakes posing for a selfie in a black bikini. R: Allecakes posing on a rail in a thong bikini
The popular influencer Allecakes was flaunting her body in a racy bikini. Photo: Instagram

The Canadian TikToker hung one leg over a public rail as she looked over her shoulder for the camera.

According to the photographer Alex, the pair were trying to get a "good booty shot" for Alle’s social media accounts.


The video of Alle posing on the rail quickly went viral, racking up over 829k views and hundreds of comments.

People were shocked by the influencer's actions, with one labelling her lewd act as ‘horizontal pole dancing’.

“She should be arrested for public indecency,” one angry person commented.

“It’s really sad and disturbing that these girls think they have to be half naked just to get social media attention,” another chimed in.

“How does she not feel embarrassed?” a third asked, while another added they were “tired of seeing everyone’s butts” online.

Others focused on the public handrail, with one saying the act was ‘gross’.

“The handrail is BEGGING for alcohol wet wipes,” remarked another.

“I’m never touching anything in public again,” a third commented.

Two photos of Allecakes posing in a skimpy thong red bikini on a railing
The OnlyFans creator shared the stunning results from her photoshoot on social media. Photo: Instagram/allecakes_

However, there were some people that supported Alle’s racy photoshoot.

“These comments are not it. She’s literally just taking pictures, she’s not hurting or inconveniencing anyone. No need to be so cruel. People sit on railings all the time, it’s nothing new,” a person fired out.


“Honestly, she is super sexy and she is just taking a pic in her bikini. Nothing too weird here,” another observed.

Allecakes boasts over 412k followers on Instagram, 502k followers on TikTok, and charges $12.95 per month on OnlyFans. She also sells her own merch online, with posters of the barely clad raven-haired beauty available for approximately $50 AUD each.

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