Influencer banned after X-rated bikini controversy: 'Dental floss'

A streamer and influencer has been banned from the popular streaming website Twitch, after breaking their ‘nudity and attire’ policy.

The former Hooters employee, who goes by the name of brianas_w0rld, wore a skimpy string bikini while streaming.

Briana Twitch streamer in a skimpy bikini doing a yoga pose
Briana demonstrated some racy moves in a tiny bikini during her live stream. Photo: Twitch/brianas_w0rld

Amazon’s live-streaming platform is known for being a community where you can watch people playing video games, but a new category was added in 2021 called ‘Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches’.

As a result, the platform has seen an increase in racy videos, as creators often film themselves in swimwear sitting in hot tubs.


The mum of one showed off her body in a light blue swimsuit that barely covered her from the front. The back of her racy outfit consisted of thin strings to hold it together, meaning she was practically nude.

Two photos of Briana in skimpy bikinis
The influencer often posts sultry snaps on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Twitch/brianas_w0rld

She started the live stream by offering to do different tasks for money, including writing viewers' names on her leg in exchange for $20.

Briana then started doing exercise moves, highlighting her behind as she did reps of squats and yoga poses.

The college student broke many of Twitch’s guidelines, as streamers aren’t allowed to ‘expose buttocks’ or appear ‘partially nude’. The platform also doesn’t allow content that ‘focuses on breasts, buttocks or the pelvic region’ and includes poses that ‘deliberately highlight those elements’.

Briana doing a squat in front of a mirror in a bikini
Briana showed off her figure while doing squats for the camera. Photo: Twitch/brianas_w0rld

Social media erupted during Briana’s stream, with many Twitch users calling for a ban.

“Twitch has obviously let the line drift way too far AND the insane inconsistency with moderating content on the platform is just disappointing,” popular Twitch streamer Jake ’n’ Bake tweeted.

A Twitter user said the video was like ‘soft core porn’, and another compared her bikini to ‘band-aids and dental floss’.

“I literally got a seven-day ban for dancing cause I can’t help that my butt jiggles in leggings, wtf is THIS?!” an outraged person wrote.

“She’s fully naked,” another tweeted, with one slamming Twitch for not ‘caring about the child audience’.

After Twitch banned Briana from the platform, she hit back at critics on social media.

“I have a child to feed, and you guys are worried about what I’m wearing, as if you’re forced to watch me,” she tweeted. “Literally trying to put my son through private school because he was bullied but whatever, [you are] offended by something [you don’t] have to watch, so f**k everyone else.”

According to the OnlyFans creator, she was reported by a Twitch user who she had kicked off her live stream. She has since lodged an appeal against the ban and hopes to get back on the platform shortly.

“Just waiting now. I miss everyone,” she told a fellow Twitch user.

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