Honey Badger’s sister questions his final choices on The Bachelor

It’s been a long journey for Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins on The Bachelor.

He set out to find love, but left two broken hearts behind him when he walked away from Thursday’s finale alone.

The final two ladies, Brittany and Sophie, were completely shocked by his decision, but we doubt his family were quite as surprised.

Nick’s sister questions his final two ladies on <em>The Bachelor</em>. Source: Ten
Nick’s sister questions his final two ladies on The Bachelor. Source: Ten

After both girls charmed Nick’s dad Mark, sister Bernadette, and brothers Luke and Jacob, the Honey Badger sat down to debrief with his family.

However in an unusual piece to camera, Bernadette confessed that she thought neither of the ladies had what it takes to win Nick’s heart.

“I see both of these girls as right and wrong for Nick,” the Honey Badger’s sister said in the clip above.

Whilst she thought both girls were great and able to bring out different sides of her brother, she didn’t think that was enough.

“I don’t necessarily see either one as the complete package for him,” she said.

Earlier, Nick’s family had been discussing fan favourite Brooke, and confessed they were surprised she didn’t make it to the final two.

But much to Nick’s family’s dismay, Brooke was not there after she walked out on Wednesday night’s episode.

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