Outraged Bachelor fans rip into Nick Cummins after shock finale

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

Nick Cummins is receiving not an ounce of sympathy from viewers after he chose no one in last night’s The Bachelor finale.

Fans of the Channel Ten dating show have taken to social media to slam the Honey Badger, claiming he chose to ‘string along’ not only finalists Brittany and Sophie, but the rest of the contestants and the viewers at home.

Couldn’t you just leave half way through the show and not string along those beautiful girls come Nick. You just played with their heart,” one viewer tweeted.

Bachelor fans have slammed Nick Cummins for choosing no one in the finale. Photo: Channel Ten

No Badge, you’ve hurt people twice a week for eight weeks straight. And by ‘people’, I refer to Australia,” another wrote. 

Others called out the former rugby union player for ‘wasting’ their time as they invested a good two months into watching his rose ceremonies.

What a waste of a season #TheBachelorAU,” wrote a fan.

Some viewers compared the explosive finale to the series’ bombshell ending in season two when Blake Garvey proposed to winner Sam Frost, before dumping her and choosing Louise Pillidge, who had placed third.

Unfortunately for Nick, some fans are branding him as more of a love rat than Blake.

Well at least Blake gave it a red hot go!” was the message plastered across a Bachelor meme. 

When it came down to making his all-important final choice last night, Nick just simply couldn’t pick anyone to pursue a relationship with.

The 30-year-old broke the news to Sophie first, admitting he just couldn’t commit to her at this point in time.

Next came Brittany, who at this point you’d assume was the winner, but nope.

“When I say those three words, I want to really mean it,” Nick told the brunette. “At this point I won’t be entering in any relationships if I can’t give 100% of me.

“Right now I can’t give 100% of me to you.”

Sophie was left heartbroken. Photo: Channel Ten
Nick told her she wasn’t the one for him. Photo: Channel Ten

Retreating to the car brokenhearted, Brittany found out that Nick actually hadn’t picked anyone, and she decided to confront Sophie.

“I have something to tell you – it’s almost laughable,” Brittany told her. “He didn’t pick me either.”

“Are you kidding me?” Sophie said in complete shock.

But rightly so, Brittany labelled it “his loss”.

Onwards and upwards ladies, you can do so much better.

Brittany was left heartbroken too. Photo: Channel Ten

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