How Honey Badger warned us of the Bachelor ending from the start

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

Fans are still reeling from last night’s explosive Bachelor finale, where Nick Cummins failed to choose Brittany or Sophie as he wasn’t ready to fully commit.

But the Honey Badger seems to have warned us of this bombshell ending well in advance.

When speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle just before the season started two months ago, the 30-year-old said he hadn’t even discussed starting a family with the ‘winner’, a tell-tale sign the future wasn’t something he’d seriously considered.

It seems Nick Cummins had warned us about the explosive Bachelor ending before the show had even started. Photo: Channel Ten

“Yeah, I will be a dad for sure,” he said at first, before adding, “I don’t know if we even spoke about that on the dates. We didn’t go on that many dates [on the show].

“There’s conversations about what you’d want in the future and stuff but it’s not a very pressing issue.”

And just weeks earlier when he spoke to us at the Logies, he suggested not everything would go to plan on the show. 

“I can confirm maybe,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle when asked if he’d found love after filming the Channel Ten dating show.

Sophie was left heartbroken last night during the finale. Photo: Channel Ten
Nick told her she wasn’t the one for him. Photo: Channel Ten

“It’s a hell of a bloody experience,” he said.

“Look it’s a TV show and some people struggle with cameras and microphones and each to their own.

“We’re all here at the right time and if you meet that right person at the right time, it doesn’t matter what environment it’s in, you can find whatever it is you’re looking for.”

Brittany was left heartbroken too. Source: Ten

Last night’s Bachelor finale saw Nick leave both Brittany and Sophie heartbroken when he confessed he wasn’t ready to date either of them beyond the show.

“When I say those three words, I want to really mean it,” Nick told Brittany.

“At this point I won’t be entering in any relationships if I can’t give 100% of me.

“Right now I can’t give 100% of me to you.”

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