Home and Away's Sophie Dillman reveals hidden detail in 'pregnancy'

Home and Away star Sophie Dillman sent fans wild in November when she shared two snaps of herself with a huge baby bump. While the actress isn’t pregnant in real life, her character Ziggy Astoni is expecting a baby with Dean Thompson, played by her on and offscreen boyfriend Patrick O’Connor.

There were quite a few fans that were fooled by the photo, with many saying how real her pregnancy looked. Now, Sophie has spilled the beans about how the costume department managed to create such a realistic-looking baby bump.

L: Sophie Dillman at the races. R: Sophie Dillman on the set of Home and Away as her character Ziggy Astoni
Home and Away's Sophie Dillman has opened up about her onscreen pregnancy. Photo: Instagram/sophiedillman

In a chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, the star shares that she wore different-sized bumps depending on how far along in her pregnancy Ziggy was.

She had three different bumps to wear, with the last one being the largest and causing some havoc for the star on set.

“It’s like two sets of tummy tucker underwear, and then in the middle of it there’s a belly pillow. So I had three sizes of belly pillow, and you put it in and then do it up and then you put your clothes over the top,” she explains.


Sophie says that it has been “comfortable” shooting with the fake bellies, but admits she stumbled upon one glaring problem.

“I’m wearing the big one at the moment, and I waddle. You can’t do up your shoes, like it’s true,” she begins. “You can’t do up your shoes when you’re pregnant, and you can’t sit properly or stand quickly or anything like that.

“It’s really bizarre,” she says, before bursting into laughter.

Sophie Dillman as her character Ziggy Astoni in a tight red dress with a baby bump
The tight red dress showed off her pregnant belly. Photo: Instagram/sophiedillman

Her fans have adored the pregnancy storyline, with many commenting on how good the star looks on social media.

“I love pregnant Ziggy, I’ve enjoyed this storyline of Ziggy and Dean becoming parents, you have made me laugh and smile. You look so cute pregnant,” one fan gushed.

“Beautiful I love watching you two as a couple, [you will] make amazing parents in real life,” another added.

“Looks great on you,” a third chimed in.

A doctor checks up on Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) while Dean Thompson (Patrick O'Connor) holds her hand
The star has loved her pregnancy storyline so far. Photo: Seven

Sophie’s awkward pregnancy mistake

This comes after the star had a hilarious behind-the-scenes mishap while wearing her fake belly.

She told us that the fake belly has been so convincing, that people have assumed she was pregnant in real life.

“There was somebody in the makeup room the other day, who didn’t realise I wasn’t pregnant. He thought it was real,” she began.

“We were talking about movies and I said, ‘Oh I cried through that movie’, and he turned to me and was like, ‘Well, obviously you did in your condition’. I was like, ‘Hey…this isn’t real!’,” she laughed.


The star says that the costume department has done ‘a really good job’, and admitted that Patrick is really enjoying the storyline.

“I think Paddy likes me being pregnant. He keeps saying it looks good on me. And to be honest, I actually think I look good pregnant too,” she spilled.

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