Home and Away plot-hole savaged by fans: 'What the hell?'

Some fans aren't happy with the latest storyline involving Bronte's scam.

Home and away Bronte and Harper
New Home and Away character Bronte is not all she seems to be. Photo: Seven

Home and Away fans have taken umbrage with a current storyline on the show, questioning a plothole involving shady new character Bronte (Stefanie Caccamo) who is on a mission to scam Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) and the rest of Summer Bay.

Bronte arrived in the Bay after meeting Irene in hospital, and has been staying with her as she tries to get her own health back on track. The problem? Bronte isn't actually ill and has been telling Irene and the other Summer Bay residents that she's dying from a rare disease of some sort and needs money for treatment overseas.

Later on the phone, viewers see Bronte telling someone on the phone that Irene is a "total pushover" citing that she has her own house and business. Which brings us to the fact that Bronte is now suing the Summer Bay diner and fans can't help but point out a glaring plot-hole in the whole saga.

Irene Roberts Home and Away
The face of someone about to be scammed. Photo: Seven

"Who the hell writes this stuff, the storylines are terrible. Allowing Bronte to sue the diner which is totally illegal and Bronte will need a full medical checkup up which will find her healthy and Bronte thought it was a great idea," one person raged in a Home and Away fan Facebook group. "What the hell? Also Levi nearly dead and they just leave and think no one is gonna say anything. What stupid crooks and stupid writing."


Another fan said they were surprised Irene was being such a bleeding heart for Bronte, as she's the one that usually warns people about other scammers in the Bay. "The sad thing is that there are people like Bronte in real life! But I find it odd that [it was] Irene — who was 3 years ago trying to warn John Palmer about his dodgy girlfriend, Suzi McCallister — falling for something similar."

Belle Gibson has nothing on Bronte. Photo: Channel Seven
Belle Gibson has nothing on Bronte. Photo: Channel Seven

"The storyline is just showing what lengths people will try to go to to get free money but it doesn’t always work out how you want it to, that’s why the claim was denied by the Insurance Co," someone else pointed out.


'And when Bronte puts her address on the form do they really think the insurance company aren’t going to notice they’re the same as the claimant," another person said.

We'll have to watch this space to see how far Bronte's scam really goes!

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