Home and Away fans react to epic mid-season cliffhanger: ‘Shook’

The dramatic three-part mid-season finale of Home and Away has left viewers reeling after it was revealed that Dean, Mia and Nikau were the characters involved in the intense car crash.

Fans of the show had previously predicted that Dean would get caught up in the incident but had no idea that Nikau and Mia - as well as her unborn baby - would be a part of it too.

Dean, Nikau and Mia in the car.
The finale ended with Dean, Mia and Nikau's lives left hanging in the balance. Photo: Channel 7

Channel 7 promised a dramatic cliffhanger for the popular series as it took a two-week break for the Olympics, and it turns out they meant it literally.

After Dean and Mia drove to collect Nikau from the remote rural town of Wee Jasper, their car ran off the road when Dean swerved to avoid a kangaroo.


The episode ended with Dean and Mia unconscious in the vehicle right on the cliff’s edge, while Nikau had been thrown out of the car when his passenger door separated.

Home and Away car crash.
Fans previously shared theories that Dean was driving the car but didn't expect Mia and Nikau to be involved too. Photo: Supplied

A new teaser for the show’s return has now been released, showing that Mia and Nikau survived the crash while Dean’s life hangs in the balance.

Dean’s body was initially trapped in the car wreck while Mia called out for help before an ambulance rescue helicopter came to save him.

While it’s unknown whether or not he makes it through, it also isn’t clear if Mia’s unborn baby survived the impact.

Fans online have shared their thoughts on Thursday’s night's bombshell episode, with many saying that they can’t wait to see what happens upon its return.

“Dean better survive, he is my only favourite,” one person commented.

“I think I’ve seen every accident/explosion/catastrophic event since Bobby on the boat way back when, but last night’s was brilliant!” someone else wrote. “So well done, I was shook.”

“A great cliffhanger this time, congratulations to everyone on Home and Away,” another added. “Looking forward to seeing you all when you return.”

“I thought it was brilliant in showing people you can't take your eyes off the road in the country, because they do just appear out of nowhere!” a fourth replied.

A number of fans also shared the rumour that all three actors have been recently spotted filming new episodes of the show, suggesting that they all make it out alive.

Home And Away returns Monday 9 August on Channel 7.

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