Home and Away fans share theories on mid-season finale tragedy

Summer Bay is set to be rocked by tragedy in the upcoming Home and Away mid-season finale that’s said to be ‘impossible to forget’.

A dramatic new trailer shows a red car crashing off a steep hill before coming to a stop right on a cliff’s edge.

Home and Away car crash.
Fans are sharing theories online over who they think was driving the car. Photo: Supplied

The finale, which will air 7pm Thursday 22 July on Channel 7 and 7plus, will also follow sparks flying between a potential new couple and Ari dealing with the news of impending fatherhood.

The sneak peek ends with the battered and smoking vehicle on its side while a female voice screams for help.

It’s unknown who ends up in the car wreck, which Channel 7 have described as having ‘no sign of life in sight’.

However, fans on social media have already begun speculating who they think was driving the car.

“I know it’s Dean’s car, but it better not be Dean in there!” one person commented on Facebook. “He’s one of my fave characters.”


“My husband pointed out the tyres were different to Dean’s car, these ones are black,” another wrote, while someone else added, “It’s a newer model than Dean’s and has different door handles and different colour”.

“Probably just Ziggy going back to Summer Bay because it was a woman’s voice calling for help,” someone else suggested.

A fifth wrote: “I think it’s hot-headed Nik… Must’ve walked out in a huff and taken off in Dean's car.”

Other fans expressed their frustration that the popular soap opera is going on a break while Channel 7 airs the Olympics.

Sam Frost and Larry Emdur.
Larry Emdur joked that Sam’s career was “coming to a crashing halt”. Photos: Channel 7

The new trailer comes not long after Sam Frost’s character Jasmine Delaney had her own near-death experience on Home and Away.

Jasmine was involved in a taco truck explosion last month, where it was unknown at the time if she had survived or not.

When the former Bachelorette joined The Morning Show to discuss the episode, host Larry Emdur made a brutal joke that fell flat.

“Gee, you look happy for someone whose career is coming to a crashing halt!” the 56-year-old remarked.

Sam smiled politely, before awkwardly saying “I know”.

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