Home and Away fans on edge ahead of mid-season finale: 'Can't deal'

Home and Away fans have been left on the edge of their seats ahead of this week's highly anticipated 'heart-shattering' mid-season finale after a new sneak peek was released.

"Hearts will be shattered," states the caption for the clip that was shared on the show's Instagram account.

Scene of a car accident from Home and Away's mid-season finale sneak peek
Home and Away's mid-season finale ends on a cliffhanger - quite literally. Photo: Channel Seven.

Fans 'can't wait'

The trailer sheds a little bit more light on what's tipped to be an 'unforgettable' episode packed with gripping drama involving illicit love affairs, family tension and a devastating car crash.

We see Ziggy reveal her secret kiss with Dean to a devastated Tane, leaving their relationship hanging in the balance. Ari gets assured that he will 'make an amazing dad' before booting out his nephew, Nik.

The clip served to heighten fans' anticipation for the mid-season final, with many taking to the comments section to say they "Can't wait to watch!!"

"I love the excitement," wrote one, while another was anxious about turmoil ahead, writing, "Nup I can't deal".


Ziggy kisses Dean in a scene from Home and Away's mid-season finale sneak peek
Ziggy comes clean about her secret kiss with Dean. Photo: Channel Seven.

Who is in the car?

The big question on everyone's lips seemed to be who's inside the red car that hurtles down a steep hill, only to land precariously on the edge of a cliff.

"It's Dean's car," wrote a fan. "But I think Nik has stole it to run away in," they theorised.

"If you look closely enough there's a pink jumper and blonde hair," another pointed out.

There was also much debate over which unlucky character was heard calling for help at the end of the trailer.

"Definitely sounds like Bella," claimed one fan.

"Is it me or does that sound like Ziggy at the end screaming? I really hope it's not her and Dean," added another.

"Well that's MacKenzie's voice shouting. But she could be there trying to help," proposed a third.

The finale will air 7pm Thursday 22 July on Channel 7 and 7plus

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