Home and Away fans call out strange detail in important episode: 'Something wrong'

It looks like someone from the Home and Away props department made a mistake.

Home and Away’s Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) tied the knot this year in what Seven touted as the wedding of the year. Although Leah has already been married three times before on the soap, fans still got caught up in the wedding buzz.

However, some fans have spotted a strange mistake on the wedding certificate signed by Leah and Justin, with the date being recorded as 2023 instead of 2024. They shared a snap of the prop on a Facebook Home and Away group, saying something was "wrong".

While the show films approximately five to six months in advance, the wedding episode didn’t air until April 9, 2024. This means someone in the props department likely made a blunder by forgetting to check when the episode would make it to TV.

L: Leah and Justin's wedding on Home and Away. R: Leah and Justin's Home and Away marriage certificate
Eagle-eyed fans spotted a mistake in Leah and Justin's wedding certificate. Photo: Seven & Facebook/Home and Away Spoilers & Info

Another fan pointed out that the day and month were missing, meaning the wedding certificate was void.

“[It was] filmed in 2023 but shown this year, [they] should have amended the date to coincide,” one person wrote.

“This certificate is incomplete as the day and month are missing and John has not signed it after the date. None of the weddings on this show follow legal protocol as they often occur without giving the celebrant 30 days notice,” another added.

“Not being simple… but that’s when it must’ve been [filmed] and not aired,” a third pointed out.

“We are watching episodes [filmed] six months ago. Hence the date 2023,” another commented.


Alf Stewart and Leah Patterson in a vehicle before Leah's wedding.
This was Leah's fourth time getting married on Home and Away. Photo: Seven

After over 100 comments about the mistake spotted on the marriage certificate, some fans were fed up by viewers ‘nitpicking’ and finding problems.

“It’s a fake certificate because it’s a TV show obviously,” one person wrote.

“Seriously, your life is that boring you screenshotted a TV’s prop to prove what?” another asked.

“Geez is that all someone is worried about and has nothing better to do with their time,” a third remarked.

“Well they are not actually matter. So does it matter? [It’s] not real life so a wedding certificate isn’t going to be real,” another added.

This comes after the two stars getting hitched onscreen went public with their offscreen romance this year. Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart’s characters have been getting cosy since 2019, but the actors were in other relationships at the time.

Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart as Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan on Home and Away
Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart are together on and off screen. Photo: Seven


James has a penchant for dating his co-stars, so while he seems smitten with Ada at the moment, it’s unclear how serious the relationship is.

In 2007, James met Jessica Marais on the set of Packed to the Rafters. The couple have a daughter, Scout, and were previously engaged but called it quits in 2015.

From 2016 to 2017, he dated Home and Away co-star Isabella Giovinazzo, but broke up after she left Summer Bay.

He then entered into a relationship with Home and Away co-star Sarah Roberts in 2017, getting engaged in late 2018. The pair married in 2019 and seemed happy even after Sarah left the show in 2021. However, they announced their divorce in 2024.

Will James and Ada go the distance? Only time will tell.

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