Hilarious response to new Aldi toy: 'Like an Olympic sport'

Aussie mums quickly saw the irony of the latest special buy from Aldi after the supermarket was offering a toy checkout with groceries for young kids to play with.

The toy supermarket is part of their pre-Christmas toy sale this Saturday.

Aldi fans took to Facebook to joke over the new children's toy. Photo: Getty (picture alliance via Getty Image)

"Everything to play shopkeeper," they boasted on their website. "With more than 44 accessories, including various groceries and an electronic cash register (play coins and notes included)."

But mums across the nation were having a laugh about how it compares to shopping at the store.


"Have to admit... I am a little disappointed with the Aldi checkout in the latest catalogue. It does not have the launching ramp after the scanner that launches your groceries at you at 100kms," one mum wrote cheekily in her post on a Facebook group. "This is just a slight misrepresentation of your checkouts Aldi," she added jokingly.

Aldi toy supermarket
One mum joked that her child already threw things at her, so this toy would be perfect. Photo: Aldi (Aldi)

"Honestly, this is your soft Australian version here, I get bored," another quickly responded. "I'm from Germany, like Aldi. They're not scared there to give you a good tin of tomato soup to the head if you can't catch it quick enough. It's like an Olympic sport."

"Seems legit. My kids throw things at me all the time. Same as the Aldi check out person," another added.

The mums online quickly warmed up to the humorous theme.

"This made me laugh so much, thank you," one said. "This post is pure gold!" another added.

Even a kindergarten teacher commented on how young kids notice how quick the Aldi staff are on the tills, writing, "I work as an Educator and a couple of years ago one of the kindy graduates said 'When I grow up, I want to be faster than the Aldi lady.'"

Woolworths toy supermarket
Woolworths also has a mini toy supermarket, available for $45. Photo: Woolworths (Woolworths)

But there was no fear of upsetting Aldi or the people that work there with one employee quickly confirming they were getting a laugh out of the post as well.

"I work at Aldi and love it when people say things like this. It gives me a good belly laugh," she wrote on the post.

Some posters were quick to add that Woolies also had a mini supermarket available in-store adding a new dimension to the Aussie supermarket wars.

"Now casually waiting on Coles to bring their version out haha," one mum joked.

We're sure it's only a matter of time!

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