Aldi mum's 'next level' chicken pinwheels go viral: 'Looks so good'

When kids are finished their school day they are often hungry for healthy yet yummy snacks to tide them over until dinner. Or if a friend drops in unexpectedly you want to whip up something quick and delicious to eat while catching up.

Luckily, Rockhampton mum Sherrie Sutcliffe shared the perfect recipe for just such occasions that she called 'next level' on the Aldi Mums Facebook page and other followers were quick to agree.

Shopper with an Aldi basket
There's nothing like an Aldi snack to tie you over. Photo: Getty Images

"OMGoodness that looks so good," one mum enthused.

While there were many comments about how delicious they looked, many mums were keen to find out just how they were made too.


"You can’t post something (as) good as this and not give us the recipe," one follower commented. "Gosh they look so good," she added.

Sherrie's 'next level' chicken and cream cheese pinwheels. Photo: Supplied
Sherrie's 'next level' chicken and cream cheese pinwheels. Photo: Supplied

Luckily Sherrie was happy to share just how she created them with the group.

"I used diced up chicken thighs or chicken breasts. Diced up onion, capsicum and shallots. Cook chicken till it is nearly cooked. Add onions and capsicum till soft," she instructed.

"Add French onion soup and shallots to a tub of cream cheese and mix. Once your cooked items are cool add to cream cheese mixture. Spread out on shortcrust or puff pastry, whichever you prefer. Roll tight and cut into wheels, then cook till a nice golden colour. Enjoy."

Cooking is not new to Sherrie in fact she's been enjoying creating delicious meals since she was a child.

"I started cooking at about 10 years old," Sherrie tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "The first cookbook I bought was the Australian Women’s Weekly Chinese cookbook. I would pick the recipes I wanted to make and my mum would buy the ingredients. It just went in from there."

She then discovered there were many home cooks sharing recipes on Facebook and started to join some of the online groups.

"I joined a slow cook cooking page a few years ago where 16 of my recipes went into a book they published and sold."

Fellow group member Larell Andey Strickland then reached out to Sherrie about starting their own Facebook cooking group together to share recipes.

"I don’t like writing recipes but love posting what I cook," Sherrie confesses. "[Larell] said she would write my recipes for me as I didn’t have time so times. So we started our own page and put our energy in to it."

Sherrie's Facebook cooking group. Photo: Facebook
Sherrie and Larell's Facebook cooking group. Photo: Facebook

Despite running the page together for six years, Sherrie and Larell have never met with Sherrie living in Queensland while Larell is from the United States but together they have created a place to share home cooking ideas.

"We set up the entire page by texting through Facebook and then, last year, we realized we can actually talk to each other through the Facebook messaging system," they say in their page intro.

Sherrie is the cook of the duo and Larell does the behind the scenes work but they've thoroughly enjoyed building the group together.

"I started the page wanting it to be a basic cooking page to help people that were never taught how to cook," Sherrie tells us. "And my page has helped so many that said they would join an online group but never had the confidence to post.

"Now some of them are so good I had to pick my game up with presentation," she adds!

Sherrie learnt a lot from celebrity chef Matt Golinski after spending time in his kitchen. Photo: Supplied
Sherrie with celebrity chef Matt Golinski as she got to observe him in his kitchen. Photo: Supplied

Luckily she got the opportunity to watch celeb chef Matt Golinski at work when she was invited by Matt to watch behind the scenes as his team prepared gourmet meals. "I learnt so much from Matt over the three days," Sherrie tells us.

But she also likes to share with groups outside her own. "I post on the Aldi page to give others ideas of what can be made with there fresh produce," she reveals. Well the kids are grateful Sherrie!

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