Aldi's $99.99 pre-lit Christmas flies off the shelves: 'Looks wonderful'

Now that Halloween is officially over, we can start to prepare for Christmas! And a good tree, with full, wide branches and thick foliage is the base to the whole Christmas decor.

Celebrating Christmas in summer Down Under means that if you want to put your decorations up early, then a real tree is out of the question as they just can't last the distance with our hot weather.

Aldi tree that's just $99
The pre-lit Aldi tree that's just $99. Photo: Aldi

But faux trees have been getting better and better over the years and now a good fake not only looks realistic but takes a lot of the stress out of the annual tree hunt.

So it's no wonder that when the Aldi catalogue came out for last Wednesday's Christmas trees and decorations, fans of the store took to their socials to get feedback on what they look like IRL.


"Has anyone bought this pre-lit Christmas tree, wondering if it’s good?" one eager shopper wrote in her post in the Aldi Mum's group on Facebook.

"Yes yes & yes. Absolutely love this tree!!! So easy to put together & looks wonderful," one follower was quick to respond.

aldi pre lit christmas tree
For just $99 this tree is a Christmas winner. Photo: Aldi

People who had bought the tree in previous years also said how lovely it was with one mum saying: "3 years ago. Loooooove mine."

"You do have to fluff them out but well worth the time," another added helpfully. "If I had enough room in my house I would get another one!"

But the overwhelmingly common comment on the post was a resounding: "love mine"!

Many also shared pictures of their trees, beautifully decorated, in previous years.

beautifully decorated Winchester luxury pre-lit Christmas trees from aldi
Some of the beautifully decorated Winchester luxury pre-lit Christmas trees by Aussie mums. Photos: Facebook/Aldi Mums

Some followers also queried how easy they were to put together with fans revealing it was simply three pieces, so you didn't need to worry about complicated assembly or individual branches.

"Oh great. I'm so sick of putting on all my branches," one mum wrote "I must look into this."

However, those wanting to get their hands on the tree had to be quick as the Aldi Christmas ranges fly off the shelves when they come in to store.

And it wasn't be the only sort after item in their Christmas collection on sale this week.

Aldi Christmas decorations going on sale this Wednesday
The popular Aldi Christmas decorations going on sale this Wednesday. Photo: Aldi

There were also two other trees – an Aspen luxury flocked Christmas tree and a Newport Majestic 6ft pine (which is just $39.99!) – as well as the popular wicker tree collar, a classic nutcracker and a Santa decoration that sold out quickly.

Whatever your Christmas aesthetic, there is something at Aldi to add to your current collection or to complement the colour scheme that you've chosen this year.

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