TikToker goes viral for low-calorie Aldi doughnut hack: 'Best thing ever'

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Who doesn't love a fresh, warm bakery treat? Well, what if you could make a classic Long John doughnut with jam and cream at home in a few minutes with only a quarter of the calories?

That's just what TikToker Bec Hardgrave has managed to do, sharing her bakery hack with her 57,000 followers.

Bec's TikTok doughnut hack.
Bec makes a low-calorie jam and cream doughnut from Aldi brioche rolls. Photo: Instagram/@bechardgrave

In the popular video, the fitness coach shows how to use Aldi's low-calorie brioche hot dog rolls to make the delicious treat in under five minutes.

She starts by putting the bun in her air fryer to warm it up, then adds low-calorie whipped cream and no-sugar jam. After this, she dusts the dessert with a light coating of icing sugar to make it look like it just came from the bakery.


When asked by one follower how many calories the treat has, Bec reveals it has just 175 calories - meaning you don't have to feel guilty having one for afternoon tea.

"This is one of my favourite hacks because you are basically eating a homemade massive doughnut for 1/4 of the calories and effort!" Bec said on her Instagram account. "This doughnut comes in at 175 Calories (probably less but I maximised toppings for you guys in the recipe) - the original is 300+ cals!"

"I tried it and omg best thing ever!" one follower replied, while another added, "Sweets without all the guilt. I'm sure it’s easy enough for the kids to make for us lol."

The certified health coach has also recreated a number of other bakery treats for her fans to copy, all low-calorie and most using the air fryer to make it quick and easy.

Popular desserts include iced vovos, custard tarts, chocolate eclairs, vanilla slices and almond croissants.

Bec's variety of healthy treats.
Bec has cheats for all types of sweet bakery treats. Photo: Instagram/@bechardgrave

But if you don't have a sweet tooth, Bec also has hacks for savoury fast food too.

She can teach you how to make a healthy version of your favourite takeaway, from Grill'd chips and burgers that taste just like McDonald's, Hungry Jack's and Betty's Burgers, to yummy Asian bao buns that won't use all your calorie intake for the day.

Bec also offers recipes for low-joule versions of classic comfort foods, including mac and cheese, Thai chicken curry and a full breakfast fry-up.

It's only been this year that Bec has concentrated on showing her fans how to enjoy the food they crave without the calories, but it has made her a big hit and well on her way to becoming Australia's fakeaway queen!

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