Hilarious aisle moment leaves guests in stitches at wedding: 'Main character'

When New Yorker Sam Rosenthal shared a video to TikTok of his boyfriend taking a pivotal role in a wedding ceremony he knew it was gold.

Captioning the delightful clip "A star is born", he introduced the video by stating: "When your boyfriend is asked to be the flowergirl at a wedding".

Three pictures of New Yorker Sam Rosenthal boyfriend being a flowergirl at a wedding taken from his TikTok video
New Yorker Sam Rosenthal shared his boyfriend's turn at being a flowergirl! Photo: tiktok/@samjrosenthal

The video shows his unnamed beau in a suit with a white belt bag, dancing down the aisle and tossing flower petals from his belt bag over the waiting guests.

The wedding guests, while subdued, obviously enjoyed this performance with many smiling, laughing and clapping along.


But fans on TikTok loved it and the video posted this week has already been watched almost 2 million times!

"He understood the assignment and got an A+" Leandro wrote in the comments of the video.

"He was the main character," another follower added.

When one commenter asked: "What’s his tiktok?," Sam replied: "He’s not on here yet so he has no idea he’s a celebrity 🤫🤫🤫". But Katie added" Oh hunny he is a CELEBRITY 💎💎 SLAYING OUR FEEDS!"

And while he did a fabulous job with his choreographed routine taking control of the flower duties, he is not the first guy to take on this role.

It seems that guys as flower girls – or flower dudes so to speak – have been a huge trend in weddings in the US recently. TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are full of clips with male friends taking on the role usually reserved for children.

Five guys on TikTok taking the role of flower girl in outdoor wedding ceremonies
The guys of TikTok are showing what they've got as flower girls, pathing the way for the bride! Photo: TikTok

And while there are still many roles for children to play in a wedding party, after the last couple of years, let's face it, we can all do with a bit more humour in the events we get to go to these days.

One flower dude even proposed the idea himself to friends that were due to marry. Denzyl Amankwah of Jersey City broached the subject with the bride and groom at their rehearsal dinner after seeing the trend on TikTok.

"I've been in so many weddings and I told them, 'I need to retire as a groomsman and the only role that I'll be accepting from now on is the flower guy,'" he told Yahoo last year.

"And it was kind of just a joke at first with the bride and the groom because there was an off number of groomsmen and the bridesmaids, I was just jokingly saying, 'Well, because there's more groomsmen than I could definitely take the role of the flower guy if needed, I just needed to be called upon.'"

Luckily the bride decided that was just what she wanted!

And given how much joy and laughter this trend brings, we hope it's one that will last!

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