Hidden detail in wedding snap exposes huge coronavirus fail

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the world, formerly joyous occasions have now turned into political and social minefields, with weddings among the many events to face serious challenges.

Dilemmas include whether to go ahead with your original date, invite guests, enforce mask-wearing, cancel or tie the knot in an intimate and socially distanced ceremony, and they have brides and grooms everywhere tearing their hair out.

Married couple wedding day coronavirus restrictions and protocols
Couples currently planning their big day have tp navigate a minefield of social and health protocols. Photo: Reddit/ Getty Images

Some, of course, are choosing to flaunt rules designed to keep the community safe, and go ahead with their dream wedding exactly as they planned.

One couple have been caught out doing just that, after an innocuous-seeming photo of their table decorations shared online revealed far more than they ever intended.

Detail in wedding snap exposes irresponsible wedding

The photo in question was shared to Reddit’s ‘wedding shaming’ group by someone who spotted a serious problem with the pair’s dining set up in the midst of the pandemic.

“Seen the photographer uploaded a beautiful photograph of the venue, if you ignore the fact the wedding was 2 weeks ago in the middle of a pandemic,” the user captioned the photo of the centrepiece and table.

Image of centrepiece at wedding, chairs very close no social distancing.
This image of a coronavirus wedding set up had onlookers seeing red. Photo: Reddit

On closer inspection, the photo reveals not only hundreds of places set up, with eight apiece tables as far as the eye can see, but also that the places have been set up elbow to elbow.

Of course, basic social distancing calls for a minimum of 1.5 metres to be kept between guests, something certainly not allocated at this particular event.


Onlookers were quick to point out the oversight, and slam the couples reckless set up and decision.

Making it even worse, the photo was snapped in the United States where the pandemic has so far claimed 180,590 lives and infected over 5 million people. according to the latest figures from John Hopkins.

“Yikes,” one person wrote. “They didn’t even try to set it up for social distancing. Everyone must have been elbow to elbow!”

“There's another picture and it's rammed with people,” another offered.

“Nothing says beautiful matrimony like death by pandemic,” another observed.

Other weddings flaunting coronavirus safety horrify onlookers

A wedding party of 19, blocking traffic including an ambulance in coronavirus hotspot New York angered the internet. Photo: TikTok/amina.news
A wedding party of 19, blocking traffic including an ambulance in coronavirus hotspot New York angered the internet. Photo: TikTok/amina.news

They are by no means the first couple to be slammed for ignoring social distancing rules in favour of their perfect wedding day.

In a video that has since gone viral on TikTok and Reddit, a wedding party was spotted posing for snaps in the middle of New York’s bustling Fifth Avenue.

The party include the bride, groom, nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen none of whom were wearing masks as they posed in the centre of one of the city’s busiest streets.

Behind them banked up traffic was spotted, with many worried to see an ambulance with its lights flashing part of the delayed mass waiting for them to wrap up.

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