Bride slammed for 'insanely selfish' coronavirus wedding rule

Millions of couples all over the world have been forced to cancel, postpone or totally overhaul their wedding as the coronavirus runs rampant.

However, one bride has decided that she doesn’t want ‘any thoughts of a pandemic’ during her big and is therefore shunning all safety precautions.

Rustic wedding bouquet
A bride has been slammed for saying her and her husband-to-be don't plan to put any hygiene measures in place at their wedding.

Needless to say, the bride-to-be has been slammed online, with people calling her out for refusing to provide basic hygiene options for her guests.

“I’m not doing anything for COVID for our wedding,” the woman wrote on Facebook, with a screenshot of the conversation then shared to Reddit.


She went on to say that meant there would be no masks, no sanitiser and “no nuthin”.

Despite many countries placing restrictions on how many guests a couple can have on their wedding day, this bride said hers can only be at 50% capacity and she plans to fill it up with 150 people.

Screenshot from Reddit
The bride said she just wants to forget about everything and enjoy her day. Photo: Reddit

“We plan to celebrate and part and forget about all the BS in the world for one night,” she continued.

She then signed off by saying “anyone worried about COVID is urged to not attend.”

“The ultimate Bridezillas - “I don’t care if people die, IT’S MY WEDDING schreeches*” one person commented.

“It's just a senseless and selfish thing to do for the public, but these people don't care about that. hell, they don't care about the people closest to them,” another said.

Currently in Australia there are restrictions on how many people can attend weddings, with each State putting different measures in place.

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