'Appalling' wedding stunt in coronavirus-riddled New York stuns

A pair of newlyweds and their 18-person strong wedding party have been slammed online this week, after they staged an ‘appalling’ stunt in the middle of coronavirus hotspot New York City.

In a video that has since gone viral on TikTok and Reddit, a wedding party posed for snaps in the middle of New York’s bustling Fifth Avenue.

Wedding party of 19 in New York City on Fifth Avenue blocks traffic and ambulance no social distancing or masks
A wedding party of 19, blocking traffic including an ambulance in coronavirus hotspot New York has angered the internet. Photo: TikTok/amina.news

The party include the bride, groom, nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen none of whom were wearing masks as they posed in the centre of one of the city’s busiest streets.

Behind them banked up traffic was spotted, with many worried to see an ambulance with its lights flashing part of the delayed mass waiting for them to wrap up.

In a later video released with the full audio the ambulance can be heard congratulating the happy couple, thankfully not in a rush to get to an emergency.

The woman who shot the video, also clarified that they posed during a red light, and left as soon as they had their photos.

The context, though making the original video less damning for some, didn’t stop many online commentators from slamming the stunt for blocking an emergency vehicle that could have been called in at any moment.

“You can’t just block them, what if there were an emergency?” one person wrote on TikTok. “People could be dying.”

“There’s a pandemic and you blocked an ambulance,” one unconvinced person agreed.

‘Where are the masks?’: Disregard for raging coronavirus pandemic slammed

Image of New York non-social distanced wedding party of 19 blocking ambulance and traffic on Fifth Avenue
Many still argued the stunt was 'indefensible' during a global crisis. Photo: TikTok/amina.news

Others couldn’t wrap their heads around the decision to disregard social distancing in one of the world’s biggest coronavirus hotspots and shoot a group of 20 people in a bustling public space.

“Do they, uh, not know we’re in a pandemic?” one person wondered

“Such an entitled [and] d*ck move,” a Reddit commenter wrote. “Especially since they picked 5th Ave.”

“Where are the masks?” another asked.

“Why isn’t anyone wearing a mask or social distancing, especially because it’s in New York the literal hotspot for COVID,” one person wondered.


“Don’t worry guys COVID was temporarily stopped while they had their wedding,” another bitterly joked.

Others defended the group, saying the original video was taken out of context, and they should just be left alone.

“You’re really just looking for a reason to be mad at this point,” one TikTok user wrote.

“If there was an emergency they would have told them to move,” another pointed out, saying the naysayers were being ‘Karens’.

According to the New York Times database, there have been 427,400 coronavirus cases and 32,384 deaths in the city since the beginning of the pandemic.

Currently, the city is still recording an average of 631 cases per day.

The United States more broadly counts more than one-quarter of the world’s total virus cases. So far they have recorded 5.2 million cases compared to 20.5 million worldwide as recorded by John Hopkins.

They have recorded 165,934 deaths out of a total global death toll of 747,845, or just over 20%.

Watch the full video here:

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